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  • Data - Other

    Data - Other

    EO Sign In registration

    Learn how to register an EO Sign In account, which is required to access some data and submit proposals for data.

  • Data - Other

    Data - Other

    Data registration and proposals profile

    Access your profile to see your requested data products or registrations and proposals you have submitted. An active EO Sign In account is required.

  • News - Operational News

    News - Operational News

    Completed - ESA OTF dissemination maintenance from 9-10 February 2021

    A software maintenance activity affecting ESA's On-The-Fly (OTF) ERS and Envisat (A)SAR data dissemination service took place from 9 to 10 February 2021.

  • Tools - Other

    Tools - Other

    Forestry TEP

    The Forestry Thematic Exploitation Platform (Forestry TEP) enables users in the forestry sector to access satellite data based processing services and tools for generating value-added forest information products.

  • Tools - Other

    Tools - Other

    Geohazards TEP

    The Geohazards Exploitation Platform aims to provide Earth observation data for supporting geohazards applications.

  • News - General News, Operational News

    News - General News, Operational News

    ESA OTF dissemination maintenance on 21 January 2021

    A software maintenance activity affecting ESA’s On-The-Fly (OTF) ERS and Envisat (A)SAR data dissemination service has been planned on Thursday 21 January 2021 from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC.

  • Document - Proceedings

    Document - Proceedings


    This document contains the recommendations from the session summaries of the Fringe 2011 Workshop.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    SEASAR 2012

    The European Space Agency and the Norwegian Space Centre jointly organised the fourth SAR oceanography workshop, 'SEASAR 2012', entitled 'Advances in SAR Oceanography'.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Fringe 2011 Workshop

    Fringe 2011 was the 8th International Workshop on "Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry".

  • News - Announcement of Opportunity

    News - Announcement of Opportunity

    Announcement of Opportunity for G-POD

    ESA is offering all scientists the possibility to perform bulk processing and/or validation of their own algorithms exploiting the large ESA Earth-observation archive.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    New Earth Online Newsletter

    Stay up to date with the latest news in our newsletter.

  • Data - Data Catalogues

    Data - Data Catalogues

    EO CAT

    EO CAT is the Next Generation Earth Observation system designed to manage end-user Earth Observation services.

  • Data - Data Catalogues

    Data - Data Catalogues


    FedEO provides a unique entry point to a number of scientific catalogues and services for, but not limited to, European and Canadian missions.

  • Data - Data Download

    Data - Data Download


    Download (A)SAR products generated on the fly through ESA Online Dissemination system. The data is freely available to registered users.

  • Document - User Guide, Product Document

    Document - User Guide, Product Document


    This document describes the (A)SAR On-The-Fly Data Dissemination and Processing Service, which provides access to data from the ERS and Envisat missions.

  • Document - User Guide

    Document - User Guide

    MOS-1 and MOS-1B Catalogue User Guide

    This User Guide provides users with information and instructions on how to use the MOS Image Catalogue for Japan's MOS-1 mission.

  • Document - Technical Note

    Document - Technical Note

    Telemeter Instrumentation Schedule LMSC No-1241637 Satellite Vehicle System

    This Telemetry Instrumentation Schedule contains a listing and channel assignment of all data processed by the Satellite Vehicle System (SVS) data system. A brief description of the telemetry format is included.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference

    SAR Ocean Feature Catalogue

    This SAR Ocean Feature Catalogue catalogue contains a selection of ERS-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images, which illustrate radar backscatter signatures over the North Atlantic Ocean and coastal waters of Norway under a variety of environmental conditions.

  • Document - Technical Note

    Document - Technical Note

    GMES Sentinels 4 and 5 Mission Requirements Document

    This Mission Requirements Document is intended to provide guidelines for the technical implementation of the mission.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference

    Dragon Programme - Brochure 2007

    This 2007 Dragon Programme brochure presents the activities undertaken since the Lijiang Symposium that was held in July 2006 in China.