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Discover the latest news on the European Space Agency's Earth Observation activities. Learn all about new data availability and how ESA's missions are performing.

  • News - Thematic area articles

    prompt photo
    29 Aug 2023

    Tracking the world’s forests from space

    As human activities continue to threaten the planet’s forests, data delivered by satellites are boosting global efforts to conserve these crucial natural resources.

  • News - Spotlight on EO community

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    27 June 2023

    An overview of the Biomass mission

    In this video, Klaus Scipal - Biomass and SMOS Mission Manager - talks about ESA's upcoming Biomass mission.

  • News - Infographics

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    15 Nov 2022

    An overview of ESA's Biomass Earth Explorer satellite

    Learn about ESA's upcoming Biomass mission, which is dedicated to gathering information about the global distribution of forest biomass, in our latest infographic.

  • News - Thematic area articles

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    29 Sept 2022

    How satellite data help to shape society

    Data from ESA’s Earth observation archives are improving understanding of the interactions between human activities and the environment, helping to power green economic development and boosting prosperity in Europe and beyond.

  • News - Infographics

    prompt photo
    7 Dec 2021

    ICEYE – A persistent monitoring SAR constellation

    Learn more about the ICEYE mission, a constellation of SAR satellites and part of ESA's Third Party Missions programme, in our latest infographic.