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Explore the many instruments the European Space Agency use to observe the Earth. ESA offer data from a wide range of optical, radar, atmospheric, altimetric and gravimetric instrumentation.

  • Instrument - Radar Altimeters

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    STR (Swarm)

    The Swarm Star Trackers retrieve information on the precise satellite orientation and attitude.

  • Instrument - Accelerometers

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    ACC (Swarm)

    The Accelerometer measures the Swarm satellite’s non-gravitational acceleration in its respective orbit.

  • Instrument - GPS

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    GPSR and LRR (Swarm)

    Each Swarm satellite is equipped with a Laser Retro-Reflector for external calibration and validation of the on-board GPS receiver.

  • Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS

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    The Vector Field Magnetometer (VFM) is the primary instrument carried aboard the Swarm satellites.

  • Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS

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    The Absolute Scalar Magnetometer on the Swarm satellites measures the strength of the magnetic field.

  • Instrument - Magnetic Field/Electric Field Instruments

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    The Electric Field Instrument (EFI) aboard the Swarm satellites is the first 3D ionospheric imager in space.

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