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Browse through mission documentation and reports, and learn more about European Space Agency Earth Observation projects and opportunities.

  • Document - Proceedings

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    30 Nov 2012


    Proceedings in Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications held in 18-22 June 2012 in Bruges, Belgium.

  • Document - General Reference

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    31 May 2012


    The objective of the PREMIER mission is to quantify the processes controlling global atmospheric composition in the mid/upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (5-25 km height range), which is a region of particular importance for climate change.

  • Document - General Reference

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    31 Dec 2005


    This brochure is a collection of Envisat MERIS, Envisat ASAR, Envisat AATSR, ERS, Proba and SPOT mosaics of North America.

  • Document - General Reference

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    30 Sept 1992


    This document offers information on the ERS-1 System to assist users in accessing ERS services and ordering products.

  • Document - Product Document

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    12 Feb 1992


    This document deals with the Product Specifications for the WSC Fast delivery copy. Valid for data processed up until end of July '95 when there was a switch in format from CEOS to CCSDS.