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Browse through mission documentation and reports, and learn more about European Space Agency Earth Observation projects and opportunities.

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  • Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report

    ERS-1 Wind and Wave Calibration Workshop

    The proceedings from the ERS-1 Wind and Wave Calibration Workshop, held at Schliersee, Germany, from 02-06 June 1986 are presented in this document.

  • Document - User Guide

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - User Guide

    Envisat and ERS Missions Data Access Guide

    The purpose of this document is to help users identify the various types of data that are available from the ENVISAT, ERS-1 and ERS-2 Earth observing satellites, the kind of applications that the data may be used for and, importantly, the practical procedures required for access - including user registration and then search, selection and retrieval or ordering of the data of interest.

  • Document - User Guide, Product Document

    31 Jan 2019

    Document - User Guide, Product Document


    (A)SAR On-The-Fly Data Dissemination and Processing Service User Manual

  • Document - Algorithms Theoretical Baseline Document

    20 Oct 2015

    Document - Algorithms Theoretical Baseline Document


    CAWA (Advanced Clouds, Aerosols and WAter vapour products for Sentinel-3/OLCI) requirements baseline document provides information about the physical background, technical structure and the functional principle of the CAWA total column water vapour retrieval as defined within the CAWA project, which aims to the development and improvement of advanced atmospheric retrieval algorithms for the Envisat/MERIS and Sentinel-3/OLCI mission.