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Learn about the ground-based, ship-borne, balloon-borne, and airborne campaigns and small satellite field experiments that validate orbiting ESA EO satellites and support future mission development.

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    2015 - 2016


    This campaign covers the fields of atmospheric composition: NO2, SO2, aerosols, over Romania (Bucharest and Turceni) and Germany (Berlin).

  • Campaign

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    2015 - 2016


    AfriScat campaign, a follow on to TropiSCAT campaign, was to acquire long-term P-Band radar data in an African tropical forest.

  • Campaign

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    ROVE (1975-1981)

    The Dutch research team ROVE (Radar Observation on Vegetation), funded by the remote sensing organization NIWARS, started in 1974 to investigate the scattering of microwaves by crops and soils, in order to help interpretation of radar imagery.

  • Campaign

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    2011 - 2012


    The major objectives of the experiment were the temporal survey of the variation of the measurements in time scales ranging from diurnal, weekly, monthly, up to 12 months of observation.

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