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Learn about the ground-based, ship-borne, balloon-borne, and airborne campaigns and small satellite field experiments that validate orbiting ESA EO satellites and support future mission development.

  • Campaign

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    2013 - 2017


    The DOMEX-3 experiment is the follow on of two previous experiments called DOMEX-1 and DOMEX-2 which were successfully conducted at Concordia base, Antarctica

  • Campaign

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    2000 - 2002


    The L-band Ocean Salinity Airborne Campaign (LOSAC) objective is to understand the nature of the wind driven signatures in order to evaluate if corrections are necessary prior to salinity estimations based on the radiometer signals.

  • Campaign

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    2000 - 2001


    The objective of WInd and Salinity Experiment 2001 (WISE 2001) campaign was to get more data points and better wind speed measurements.