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Share your feedback on the eoPortal

25 May 2022

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ESA is looking for feedback on the eoPortal, to support future improvements to the website and its content.

The eoPortal offers an extensive directory of technical articles on satellite missions, airborne sensors and other space-related topics from around the world, providing information about their goals, specifications and status.

ESA is working to update the website, to enhance functionality and readability, as well as providing a better mechanism for discovery of articles.

If you have five minutes to spare, please complete the anonymous survey, which aims to establish how the community uses the eoPortal, and what they are looking for regarding the portal’s content. The survey will identify your background in Earth observation, what you seek from the eoPortal, how you prefer to search and consume Earth observation related content, and whether the current portal’s content covers your needs.

Your feedback will provide valuable input into how future content is developed on the eoPortal, as well as how current content is improved.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

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