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Release of extension of CHAOS-7 model based on Swarm data


10 Aug 2021

Keywords: Swarm VFM

An extension of CHAOS-7 model (version 7.8) has been released, determined by Chris Finlay (DTU), using Swarm official baseline 0601 data up to 30 June 2021 and ground observatory data up to April 2021.

Compared to the original CHAOS-7 release (see Finlay et al., 2020), regularization has been adjusted: increased regularization parameter for Cryosat-2 sensitivities, upper degree for tapering for third time derivative regularization increased from degree 11 to 20, internal field regularization parameters reduced by a factor 0.66.   

The model is available at the DTU Space National Institute's CHAOS-7 page  and on the Swarm dissemination server at the following path:

  • /Level2longterm/MCO with the file name: SW_OPER_MCO_SHA_2X_19970101T000000_20220101T115930_0708.ZIP