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Recent CryoSat NRT Products Quality Issue Fixed

09 Mar 2021

CryoSat Ice Near Real Time (NRT) data users are informed that starting today NRT products have been switched to a systematic production. This means that, from now on, all SAR and SIN transitions will be generated in NRT. The change will fix previously flagged quality issues in CryoSat Ice NRT data.

As a consequence of the change, the file class of the product has been changed from _NRT__ to _OFFL_.

The full filename of the systematic NRT SAR L1b and L2 transitions will now be:

  • CS_NRT__SIR_SARN1B_*.*   -->  CS_OFFL_SIR_SARN1B_*.*
  • CS_NRT__SIRNSARI2__*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIRNSARI2__*.*
  • CS_NRT__SIR_SARN2A_*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIR_SARN2A_*.*
  • CS_NRT__SIR_SARN2__*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIR_SARN2__*.*

And the systematic NRT SIN L1b and L2 transitions will be:

  • CS_NRT__SIR_SINN1B_*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIR_SINN1B_*.*
  • CS_NRT__SIRNSINI2__*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIRNSINI2__*.*
  • CS_NRT__SIR_SINN2__*.* ---> CS_OFFL_SIR_SINN2__*.*

If you are currently downloading all NRT products published on the Science Server automatically, we recommend that you check your settings as the filenames have changed and the volume of data will increase.



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