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Proba-V celebrates six years in orbit

07 May 2019

The joint ESA / VITO PROBA-V satellite mission was launched exactly six years ago on 7 May 2013 to continue the 15 year legacy of SPOT-VEGETATION.

The initial foreseen mission lifetime was two and a half years, which was quickly extended to five years given the platform's outstanding results. During these five years, more than 1,600 users from 119 nationalities have downloaded over 540,000 data products.

After five years of operations, PROBA-V's platform performance and data quality are still excellent, so, while celebrating its sixth anniversary, we are also proud to announce that PROBA-V will continue observing our planet for one more year.

PROBA-V montage
PROBA-V montage. Copyright: ESA / VITO