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New GOCE Online Dissemination Service

28 Feb 2020

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new ESA GOCE Online Dissemination Service which is integrated with ESA's EO Sign In service (EO Sign In).

The service is providing free and open access to the full mission archive of GOCE data including:

  • GOCE telemetry
  • GOCE Level 1 and Level 2 science data products
  • GOCE Gravity field models and covariances.

The new dissemination service is collection based and is offering search functions by tree view (product type, year and month) or by filename.

You can freely browse the online collections, but download of selected data products requires login with a personal EO Sign In account. If you do not have an EO Sign In account, please register here. Help creating an EO Sign In account.

Please note that the current ESA GOCE Virtual Archive system is being replaced by the new dissemination service for GOCE and will be dismissed on the 31 March.

Should you need any additional clarification or support please contact the ESA EO Help Desk.