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GHGSat data now available through ESA's Earthnet programme


20 Apr 2021

In the framework of the Earthnet programme, ESA is offering, for scientific research and application development, access to archive and new tasking data from the GHGSat mission upon submission and acceptance of a project proposal.

GHGSat's overall mission objective is to provide actionable information to operators, regulators, and other stakeholders interested in understanding, controlling, and ultimately reducing facility-level emissions of greenhouse gases. This mission is considered a Third Party Mission (TPM) under assessment.

The GHGSat constellation currently consists of three satellites, GHGSat-D (Claire), GHGSat-C1 (Iris) and GHGSat-C2 (Hugo). Each satellite is equipped with a wide-angle Fabry-Perot (WAF-P) imaging spectrometer designed to measure the vertical column abundances of greenhouse gases.

Details about the data provision, data access conditions and quota assignment procedure are described in the GHGSat Terms of Applicability.