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Europe's third polar-orbiting weather satellite lofted into orbit


07 Nov 2018

Metop-C liftoff
Metop-C liftoff. Copyright:
ESA-CNES- Arianespace
/Optique Video
du CSG - JM. Guillon

The third Metop satellite, Metop-C, has been launched on a Soyuz rocket from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana to continue the provision of data for weather forecasting from polar orbit.

Carrying the 4,083 kg Metop-C satellite, the Soyuz rocket lifted off on 7 November at 00:47 GMT (01:47 CET).

Some 60 minutes later Soyuz's upper stage delivered Metop-C into orbit and contact was established through the Yatharagga ground station in Australia.

Metop-C is the last in the current series of Metop satellites, following on from Metop-A, which was launched in 2006, and Metop-B, which was launched in 2012.

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