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Envisat MIPAS L1 dataset processed with MICAL v8.03 available online


22 Jan 2019

Keywords: Envisat MIPAS

The Level 1 reprocessing of the full Envisat MIPAS mission with the ESA MICAL processor version 8.03 has been completed and the data has been assessed with respect to the quality. The reprocessed dataset is now accessible to users from the ESA dissemination server.

The MIPAS Level 1 reprocessing is covering the full mission archive from 01/07/2002 up to 08/04/2012, including both the Full Resolution and the Optimised Resolution mission phases.

Access to all MIPAS products is provided through ESA Fast Registration. Users are strongly recommended to use the new reprocessed Level 1b v8.03 products. The previous Level 1 dataset (v7.11) will however remain available on the same account until further notice. 

Please consult the MIPAS L1 v8.03 Product Quality Readme File before using the new data.

MICAL version 8.03 processor upgrades

The following upgrades have been applied to the processor MICAL version 8.03:

  • New detectors non-linearity coefficients
  • Upgraded pointing correction model
  • Longitude and latitude error fields addition
  • Removal of elevation mirror WCC scans
  • Upgraded offset validation (threshold and handling of invalid)
  • Non-rejection of scene with Level 0 transmission error flag
  • Extended spectral wave number range
  • Processing of daily gain (and flagging of extreme variation)
  • Precise spectral calibration.

Re-processed Level 1 dataset

The new Level 1 version 8.03 data products are identified by the following fields:

MPH Field Value
Processing Stage flag Y
Processing Centre DSI
Software Version MICAL/8.03


Products format and tools

The MIPAS Level 1 products generated with MICAL v8.03 have an updated format due to a small modification in the SPH and the MDS (see Product Quality Readme File, section 4.3). The format changes are described in the latest version of the Input/Output Data Definition (IODD) document. The Basic Envisat Atmospheric Toolbox latest VISAN version 3.19 and CODA version 2.20 have been updated accordingly in order to read the new products, allowing fields' extraction and data handling.


More detailed information on all changes implemented for the reprocessing campaign with MICAL version 8.03 is available in the following documents: