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Drift of the Aeolus satellite orbit


18 Jun 2021

Keywords: Aeolus ALADIN

The reference orbit of Aeolus began a planned change on 17 June 2021, from ANX 4.5 to ANX 2.0, in order to facilitate ground-based Aeolus campaign activities.

The drift to the new orbit is expected to start in the night of 17/18 June and will take either a few days or a few weeks at most.

All predictions of ground tracks during the drifting period can be subject to sudden changes in solar activity and therefore change quickly.

The focus in the Aeolus orbit prediction files is on keeping the first two weeks of the four week prediction period valid as much as possible.

As of 22 June 2021 the new Aeolus orbit ANX 2.0 is in place.