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Announcement of Opportunity for ICEYE data


21 Jul 2020

Keywords: ICEYE X-SAR
ICEYE-X2 satellite - Credit: ICEYE

ESA is launching an Announcement of Opportunity to the international R&D community to assess the suitability of the Iceye constellation, for science and EO-based applications

This call offers an opportunity for scientists and researchers to access Iceye x-band constellation data to support the assessment of the potential of such data as an ESA Third Party Mission. In particular, the following contributions are expected:

  • Assessment of data quality
  • Development of new science, applications, services and products using Iceye data
  • Evaluation of the complementarity of Iceye data with other ESA and ESA TPM Missions

Submit your proposal and learn more about the submission guidelines:

*In order to participate in this call and gain access to the data, you must submit to ESA a full report on the TPM evaluation (ESA Iceye Final report template).

Download documentation related to the ICEYE call:

For further enquiries contact the ESA EOHelp desk.