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Aeolus third Reprocessing Campaign Data published

23 Nov 2022

The data from the Aeolus third reprocessing campaign covering the sensing period from 31 AugustĀ 2018 to 16 June 2019 relevant to the first period of operations of the ALADIN Flight Model A (FM-A) instrument was published today and is available for browsing and download.

This reprocessing campaign was performed using the processor versions deployed in spring 2022 (L1bP v7.12, L2aP v3.14.8, L2bP v3.70), used for Near-Real Time (NRT) data products generation in baseline 14 (B14).

The reprocessing covers L1A, L1B, L2A and L2B data products as well as the respective auxiliary files and provides for the first-time low wind bias data products for the FM-A first period of operations. In combination with the second reprocessing campaign and the NRT baselines, the third reprocessing campaign ensures a seamless data availability of low wind bias products from the beginning of the mission.

The Summary Reprocessing document provides information about the major processing improvements with respect to the original baseline.



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