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Additional EFI TII Cross Track Flow dataset 0302 available for Swarm Satellites

04 Oct 2021

Additional TII cross-track flow data are now available on the Swarm dissemination server for all the Swarm satellites. The 2 Hz and 16 Hz TIICT version 0302 datasets now cover the period from 10 December 2013 through 11 August 2021. 

Please note that an error in the ZIP archives affecting the extraction of files from 12 September 2020 through 30 November 2020 has been corrected, and the old files have been replaced.

The data are available on the Swarm dissemination server at the following paths:

  • /Advanced/Plasma_Data/2Hz_TII_Cross-track_Dataset/New_baseline/
  • /Advanced/Plasma_Data/16Hz_TII_Cross-track_Dataset/New_baseline/

More information can be found by consulting the Technical Notes.



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