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The PlanetScope satellite constellation consists of multiple launches of groups of individual cubesats (DOVEs). 

Mission Parameters
Orbit altitude 475 km
Orbit type Sun-synchronous
Orbit inclination 98°
Repeat Cycle Daily
Equator Crossing Time

9:30 - 11:30 am

(local solar time)


This mission is considered a Third Party Mission under evaluation. The evaluation will tackle cal/val activities and assess the products specifications. This analysis will be performed in the framework of the Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot (EDAP). The evaluation will also allow any interested user to investigate the suitability of the data for scientific and R&D activities.

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The PlanetScope constellation of 130+ DOVE satellites is able to image all Earth's land every day.

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PlanetScope Camera

The PlanetScope camera on each DOVE cubesat operates in four bands - red, green, blue and near infra-red.

Sensor Type Three-band frame Imager or four-band frame Imager
with a split-frame NIR filter
Spectral Bands







455 – 515 nm

500 – 590 nm

590 – 670 nm

780 – 860 nm

Ground Sample Distance (nadir) 3.7
Frame Size 25 km
Maximum Image Strip per orbit 20,000 km2
Revisit Time Daily at nadir (2017)
Image Capture Capacity

200 million km2/day


Product Information



Product Level

PlanetScope Basic Scene Product Scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) and sensor corrected product. The Basic Scene product is designed for users with advanced image processing and geometric correction capabilities. This product has scene based framing and is not projected to a cartographic projection. Radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data. Level 1B
PlanetScope Ortho Scene Product Orthorectified, scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) or Surface Reflectance image product suitable for analytic and visual applications. This product has scene based framing and is projected to a cartographic projection. Level 3B
PlanetScope Ortho Tile Product Radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data. Imagery is orthorectified and projected to a UTM projection. Level 3A

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ESA is offering, for scientific research and application development, access to archive and monitoring data from PlanetScope mission upon submission and acceptance of project proposal. These products are available as part of the Planet Imagery products.

ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project

Following collections are available: