The Earthnet Programme: 40 years of evolution and future challenges
ESA's Earthnet Programme provided the initial means to access and exploit Earth Observation data.

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ODIN is a multinational atmosphere-studying satellite mission which launched on 20th February 2001 and remains operational.

Mission Parameters
Orbit Height 620 km
Orbit Type Sun-synchronous polar
Orbit Inclination 98.2°

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The ODIN mission objectives are mainly astronomy and aeronomy applications (atmospheric research: observation of stratospheric ozone chemistry, mesospheric ozone science, summer mesospheric science, coupling of atmospheric regions).

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SMR (Submillimeter wave Radiometer)

SMR is a passive microwave limb sounder.


SMR Instrument Specifications


Single sideband heterodyne receivers (use of InP material),


118.25 - 119.25 GHz, 486.1 - 503.9 GHz, 541 - 580.4 GHz


100 MHz to 1 GHz


0.1 MHz to 1 MHz


1 K in 1 MHz with S/N = 5 after 15 minutes


Cooled Schottky mixers

Local Oscillators

LO based on Gunn diodes and frequency multipliers


Cooled HEMT low noise amplifiers


two hybrid autocorrelators and one AOS (Acousto-Optic Spectrometer)



OSIRIS (Optical Spectrograph and Infrared Imaging System)

OSIRIS is an ultra violet/visible light/infra red limb sounder. 


OSIRIS Instrument Specifications

UV/VIS Spectrograph


280 - 800 nm

Wavelength resolution

1 nm from 300-450 nm, < 2nm from 450-800 nm

Slit orientation

perpendicular to the orbit plane (horizontal)


0.02º (vertical) x 0.75º (horizontal) corresponding to 1 km x 40 km on Earth

Spatial resolution

1 km at the limb

Pointing direction

aligned with SMR boresight

AD converter

14 bit

Detector type

Si CCD array (1353 x 286 pixels)

Species to be detected

O3, NO2, BrO, OCLO, O2, aerosols

IR Imager

Bandpass filter center wavelengths

1.263 µm, 1.273 µm, 1.520 µm

Bandwidth (FWHM)

10 nm (1.263 and 1.273), 40 nm (1.520)


118 km (vertical) x 2 km (horizontal)

Spatial resolution

1 km in the vertical direction

Telescope aperture

23 mm diameter

Detector type (linear arrays with hybrid multiplexers)

3 InGaAs, each detector has 128 pixels

Detector pointing direction

in the orbit plane (vertical)

Detector temperature

-40ºC (or less)

Temperature stability during exposure


blue arrow Data

blue arrow DATA DOWNLOAD

Download ODIN data through the ODIN OSIRIS FTP. The data is freely available without registration.


ESA offer external access through the ODIN OSIRIS FTP server to ODIN (SMR and OSIRIS) validated Level 1 and Level 2 data