ALADIN Overview and Timeline Of The RBS settings

Overview and Timeline Of The RBS settings

Overview of the global RBS settings defined by latitudinal windows
Date Description Latitude
2020-04-13 (VENUS),the Tropical RBS setting with focus on NWP and to observe gravity waves and vertical mass fluxes. +/- 30°
2020-04-13 ExtraTropics RBS, focusing on NWP, with high vertical resolution between 5 and 10 km. >30°N & -30°/-60°S
2020-04-13 POLARIS updated on a seasonal basis and currently active over the South Pole, to observe high altitudes during polar winter. < -60°S
2020-06-17 QBO2020 a sub setting of the Tropical RBS setting, to investigate the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) over the Tropical belt. Active for 24 h each week. +/- 10°


Overview of local RBS settings for campaign/validation purposes for limited areas
Start Date End Date Description Latitude Longitude



MARS Mediterranean Aerosol Range bin Setting focusing on Aerosol studies

28.5° - 35.5°N

28.86°E - 36.65°E



AUTAMEX - AUstrailian smoke Measurements Above the Troposphere EXperiment focusing on high altitude aerosol layers in the Stratosphere, emitted by Australian bushfires.

-50°S -57°S

-75°W -65°W