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SORBETTO: 1st International Summer School-Conference on SOlar Radiation Based Established Techniques for aTmospheric Observations

02-Jul - 06-Jul 2018

CNR Headquarter and Sapienza University, Rome, Italy

Atmospheric observations of gases and aerosol are of great interest for climatological, meteorological, and pollution studies. Several techniques, based on ground-based measurements of solar radiation, have been developed and established in the last century to estimate the atmospheric aerosol and trace gas amounts and properties. Automatic ground based instruments, often organized in Federated Networks, are able to perform high quality observations with a good time resolution, consolidated and traceable calibration procedures, and homogeneity in the retrievals. These Networks are good candidates for the validation and calibration of satellite missions, already operative or to be launched.


Aims of the SORBETTO (SOlar Radiation Based Established Techniques for aTmospheric Observations) school-conference are:

  • forming young scientists providing them an overview of the current status of solar radiation based techniques, a solid theoretical base, and hands-on experimental activities;
  • building a bridge among international communities involved in atmospheric science for establishing and reinforcing future cooperation on the solar radiation based techniques for atmospheric observations and satellite validation.

Main topics:

  • Radiometry (theory, networks, calibration)
  • Photometry (theory, networks, calibration)
  • Intercomparison campaigns
  • Spectrometry (theory, networks, calibration)
  • Calibration and Validation of satellite Missions
  • Laboratories

The school will include theoretic lessons and laboratory activities held by international teachers from leading Universities and Research Centers in Europe and Asia.


The 1st International Summer School-Conference SORBETTO was held in Rome from 2 to 6 July 2018 and it was open to researchers, young or not, PhD students and workers involved in this type of atmospheric observations.

Additional information and programme can be found at the official link:



The school-conference is organized by the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the CNR, by the University Sapienza, and by ESA, and it is funded by SERCO, within the IDEAS+ contract.


 Local Organiser   Organisation committee

 Monica Campanelli, ISAC-CNR (Italy) 


 Monica Campanelli, ISAC-CNR (Italy) 

 Stefano Casadio, Serco and ESA/ESRIN (Italy) 

 AnnaMaria Iannarelli, Serco (Italy)

 Francesca Pizzoccaro, Serco (Italy)