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MIPAS WebEx Teleconference 19 July 2019

19-Jul - 19-Jul 2019


The objective of the MIPAS Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting on 19 July 2019 was to:

  • Provide preliminary statistics on the L2 v8 full mission reprocessing campaign
  • Present preliminary validation results on full mission products and differences with DDS and L2V7

Download a summary of the Minutes of Meeting.

The QWG role is to advise ESA, through the SPPA team, on the operations performance of a mission's instruments and its products, as well as on the evolution of algorithms, calibration, validation and processors. Each ESA EO mission is supported by one or more instrument specific QWG, which is composed of personnel from scientific and engineering organisations with proven expertise in the particular fields covered by the instrument.



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