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Fluorescence (FLEX) 2019

05-Mar - 08-Mar 2019

Davos, Switzerland

FLEX 2019

The International Network on remote sensing of terrestrial and aquatic florescence consisted of a series of events organised by ESA that took place in 2019.

With the FLEX / Copernicus Sentinel-3 tandem mission in its implementation phase and fluorescence measurements becoming increasingly available from missions like OCO-2 and Sentinel-5P, the meeting focussed on the latest developments in fluorescence remote sensing. This included fluorescence retrievals and atmospheric correction, product validation using ground and airborne instrumentation, and applications covering modelling at different spatial scales and data assimilation.

The workshop objectives were:

  • Inform the community of recent developments and the status of the FLEX mission.
  • Review latest achievement in FLEX data processing, fluorescence and biophysical parameter retrievals, and information exploitation.
  • Promote synergistic data analysis involving FLEX and Sentinel-3 mission data.
  • Bring together remote sensing communities focusing on aquatic and terrestrial systems, including data providers, experts and users.
  • Consolidate the link between fluorescence and carbon balance, carbon cycle studies, agriculture, forestry, food security and crop production
  • Promote new application fields of fluorescence remote sensing including plant phenotyping, water cycle and aquatic research.
  • Provide updates on recent modeling activities coupling remote sensing signals and ecosystem processes.
  • Plan future activities in the field of vegetation and aquatic remote sensing by exploiting new observational capabilities provided by FLEX and Sentinel-3.
  • Consolidation of results and contributions for ESA's LPS 2019

Visit the FLEX 2019 website to learn more about the event.