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Expert meeting on limb sounding

07-Mar - 08-Mar 2016

CNR Congress Center, Bologna, Italy



This Expert Meeting on limb sounding and occultation measurements is organised by the European Space Agency through its ENVISAT/MIPAS Quality Working Group. The consultation meeting is intended to provide a scientific forum to discuss the evolution of data from the golden decade (2000's) for atmospheric composition profile measurements from missions such as ENVISAT, ODIN, ACE, EOS-Aura and SNPP/OMPS.

Much science has already been undertaken and published but a focus is needed on future research and processing activities using improved satellite data sets which are suited to meet the challenges of atmospheric research in the next decade. For ESA, this is particularly relevant, as it is the process of defining the implementation of the new ESA EO framework on data improvement and R&D, which will start in 2017.


Objectives and Expected Outcomes



  • To review scientific priorities for improvements to data sets from existing limb sounding and occultation missions, including from ENVISAT, ODIN, ACE, EOS-Aura, SNPP/OMPS, etc.;
  • To understand better the quality of data, including intercomparisons with other data sets and models;
  • To develop priorities for improvements to existing limb retrievals and to define new reprocessing requirements, including the identification of the remaining challenges for instrument (inter-)calibrations and (inter-)characterisations;
  • To strengthen the spectroscopic aspects to the missions;
  • To recommend R&D activities with a strong emphasis on instrument synergies and the generation of merged data sets.


The outcomes will be primarily recommendations to the European Space Agency but also will provide input to the science plans for individual instruments; and will lead to a refresh of the future science and data reprocessing activities to be implemented in the ESA EO framework on data improvement and R&D for 2017 and beyond.


Schedule and Deadline

Confirmation of meeting attendance to ESA (note this meeting is on invitation only)

15 December 2015

Final programme

10 February 2016

Workshop dates

7-8 March 2016

Final report / Recommendation from the meeting

end April 2016








 Organisation committee
 John Remedios (NERC)
 Bojan Bojkov (ESA)
 Angelika Dehn (ESA)
 Piera Raspollini (IFAC-CNR)
 Bianca Dinelli (ISAC-CNR)



Contact Information

Angelika Dehn (




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