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How to Access Data

The collection is worldwide available upon approval of the data access request, authorised after successful identity or eligibility check (within 2 days) through Fast Approval Registration

The products are available for download via the following interfaces:

In ESA Third Party Missions (TPM) dedicated dissemination service and catalogue the data is collection based and allows data browse and download through the treeview as well as via geographical search using a clickable zoom map on ESA EO SM-CAT .

WorldView products can also be discovered through ESA's EO Catalogue (EO CAT), which allows users to discover and download products among the available datasets from ESA and Third Party Missions and instruments, using various criteria (spatial, temporal, specific).

For further information about the EO Sign In Service you can visit TellUs

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The WorldView ESA archive is composed of products acquired by WorldView-1, -2, -3 and -4 satellites and requested by ESA supported projects over their areas of interest around the world

Panchromatic, 4-Bands, 8-Bands and SWIR products are part of the offer, with the resolution at Nadir depicted in the table.

Band Combination Mission GSD Resolution at Nadir GSD Resolution (20° off nadir)
Panchromatic WV-1 50 cm 55 cm
WV-2 46 cm 52 cm
WV-3 31 cm 34 cm
WV-4 31 cm 34 cm
4-Bands WV-2 1.84 m 2.4 m
WV-3 1.24 m 1.38 m
WV-4 1.24 m 1.38 m
8-Bands WV-2 1.84 m 2.4 m
WV-3 1.24 m 1.38 m
SWIR WV-3 3.70 m 4.10 m

The 4-Bands includes various options such as Multispectral (separate channel for Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Pan-sharpened (Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Bundle (separate bands for PAN, Blue, Green, Red, NIR1), Natural Colour (pan-sharpened Blue, Green, Red), Coloured Infrared (pan-sharpened Green, Red, NIR). The 8-Bands being an option from Multispectral (COASTAL, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red EDGE, NIR1, NIR2) and Bundle (PAN, COASTAL, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Red EDGE, NIR1, NIR2).

The processing levels are:

  • Standard (2A): normalised for topographic relief
  • View Ready Standard: ready for orthorectification (RPB files embedded)
  • View Ready Stereo: collected in-track for stereo viewing and manipulation (not available for SWIR)
  • Map Scale (Ortho) 1:12,000 Orthorectified: additional processing unnecessary



Spatial coverage: 
90 N, -90 S, -180 W, 180 E
Temporal coverage:
2009-02-07 - 2020-12-01
Date of launch:
2007-09-18, 2014-08-13, 2016-11-11, 2009-10-08
Mission status:
Orbit height:
WV-1: 496 km WV-2: 770 km WV-3: 617 km WV-4: 617 km
Orbit type:
Swath width:
WV-1: 17.6 km WV-2: 16.4 km WV-3: 13.1 km WV-4: 13.1 km
Very High Resolution - VHR (0 - 5m)
VIS (0.40 - 0.75 µm), NIR (0.75 - 1.30 µm), SWIR (1.3 - 3.0 µm)
Product types:
WV6_PAN_2A, WV6_PAN_OR, WV1_PAN_2A, WV1_PAN_MP, WV1_PAN_OR, WV1_4B__2A, WV1_4B__MP, WV1_4B__OR, WV1_8B__2A, WV1_8B__MP, WV1_8B__OR


level 2 , level 3 , multiple


Utilisation of this data is subject to ESA's Earth Observation Terms and Conditions



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