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Casablanca oil platform, an optimum location for this experiment
Casablanca oil platform, an optimum location
for this experiment.

What was the purpose of WISE?

Despite a number of technical, logistic, and RFI problems, the WInd and Salinity Experiment 2000 (WISE 2000) provided for the first time in many years, new data to better understand the effects of the wind in the emissivity of the sea at L-band. The experimental results confirmed the existing experimental data [Hollinger, 1971] and reduced their associated error bars.

The objective of WInd and Salinity Experiment 2001 (WISE 2001) was:

  • to get more data points and better wind speed (WS) measurements so as to reduce the sensitivity to WS uncertainty
  • to study the sea state stability by looking at a series of brightness temperatures so as to improve the determination of the sensitivity of the brightness temperatures to wind speed as a function of incidence angle.

Download the WISE 2001 experiment plan

Campaign summary
Data Coverage (Years)2000-2001
Geographic SiteSpanish Catalan Shelf
Field of ApplicationWind and Salinity (SMOS)
Data Size1.8 MB
Workshop Proceedingsesa sp-525

Digital Object Identifier: - WISE: "WInd and Salinity Experiment 2001 (WISE 2001) EXPERIMENT PLAN "


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