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What was the purpose of SEN3EXP?

SEN3EXP campaign

In order to prepare the Sentinel-3 mission, a data set needed to be generated that covered all Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR bands to be used for the algorithm prototype and ground segment processor development. This data set was based on airborne hyperspectral measurements, satellite data from ENVISAT MERIS (including MERIS band setting programmed to match OLCI bands) and AATSR as well as from other space platforms, and correlative ground measurements.

The main objective of Sen3Exp (Sentinel-3 Experimental Campaign) was to provide a comprehensive dataset supporting:

  1. The space segment development of OLCI, SLST hardware definition
  2. The ground segment simulation tool development (GPP, SPS, L1b,c)
  3. L2 and higher processor development
  4. Scientific algorithms development

What was the outcome of SEN3EXP?

The data was used to simulate Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR data for the first time. This gave – already during processing – an opportunity to interact with the Sentinel-3 instrument and Level 1 teams; to discuss band sets, the selection of the narrow bands in the oxygen absorption, to iterate on SNR and other technical issues, and to provide feedback on data formats and documentation, which lead already to improvements.

Despite the large effort and the many achievements, not all campaign objectives could be achieved satisfactorily.


Download the SEN3EXP Final Report


Campaign Summary
Years 2009
Geographic Site Boussole (F),
San Rossore (I),
Venice AAOT(I),
Barrax (E)
Field Applicaion Ocean,
forested and
cultivated areas
in support
to Sentinel-3 mission
Data Size More than 50 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - SEN3EXP: "Sentinel-3 Experimental Campaign Final Report "


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