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IceSAR 2007


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What was the purpose of IceSAR 2007?

The IceSAR 2007 campaign was carried out in Svalbard in the period from 8 March to 26 April 2007. The main objective of IceSAR was to acquire SAR images and complementary data over sea and land ice for preparation of the Copernicus Sentinel-1 mission and for providing a basis for the assessment of potential applications of the Earth Explorer Biomass mission in monitoring Polar Regions.

What was the outcome of IceSAR 2007?

Despite the rough Arctic environment and the highly variable weather conditions all data was successfully acquired as planned and described in the Experimental Plan that was delivered to ESA.


Download the IceSAR 2007 Final Report

Campaign Summary
Year 2007
Geographic Site Svalbard (Norway)
Field of Application Land and Sea Ice (C-, L-, P- bands)
Data Size More than 50 GB

Digital Object Identifier: - IceSAR: "Technical Assistance for the Deployment of Airborne SAR and Geophysical Measurements during the IceSAR 2007"

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