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CryoVEx 2010


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Plot showing processed ASIRAS profiles
Plot showing processed ASIRAS profile

What was the purpose of CryoVEx 2010?

CryoVEx 2010 was the first CryoSat post-launch campaign to take place. It was set up as a test campaign for the upgraded ASIRAS system.

The key objectives of the CryoVEx campaigns was a better approximation of the error range of the elevation obtained from SAR-processed altimetric radar returns and its sensitivity to surface roughness and surface type. Therefore, a combination of airborne SAR, laser scanner and to some stage precise kinematic GPS measurements were chosen to be the best opportunity to fulfill the scientific objectives. Furthermore, a specific setup of the survey, to measure a narrow grid, was chosen for the measurements around Neem.

What was the outcome of CryoVEx 2010?

In general, the airborne activities were very successful. All planned survey lines, including the repeat of EGIG line and the survey grid, were measured and some additional data was collected (e.g. flight line along a CryoSat-2 track).


Download the CryoVEx 2010 Final Report

Campaign Summary
Years 2010-2011
Geographic Site Arctic
Field of Application Sea and land ice radar and laser altimetry

Digital Object Identifier: - CryoVEx 2010: "Test and CryoVEx 2010 Data Acquisition and Final Processing Report"

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