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CryoVEx 2008


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ASIRAS and laser scanner system onboard a Twin-Otter
Airborne data collection with ASIRAS and laser scanner
system was performed using a Twin-Otter.

What was the purpose of CryoVEx 2008?

The ESA CryoSat Validation EXperiment (CryoVEx) 2008 was carried out in April and May 2008. The airborne operations were coordinated by the National Space Institute, Danish Technical University (DTU Space) and took place in the period 15 April to 8 May.

The work consisted of:

  • Airborne data collection with ASIRAS and laser scanner system. The operations were coordinated with ground and helicopter activities over land and sea ice in Greenland and Canada.
  • Logistical support for participants in the CryoVEx 2008 experiment especially concerning transport and access to military facilities in Canadian Forces Station Alert and Thule Air Base as well as aircraft support to the UK team on the north Greenland ice sheet.

What was the outcome of CryoVEx 2008?

The airborne part of CryoVEx 2008 was successfully carried out by DTU Space and the gathered data sets are now secured at DTU Space on central servers backed up on magnetic tapes. A total of 72 hours were flown with the Air Greenland Twin Otter plus additional 15 hours for the transport of the UK1 team to the ice sheet. Laser scanner data has been gathered on most lines and ASIRAS data was recorded over test sites and on large parts of the other lines.


Download the CryoVEx 2008 Final Report

Campaign Summary
Year 2008
Geographic Site Arctic
Field of Application Sea and land ice radar and laser altimetry

Digital Object Identifier: - CryoVEx 2008: "Data Acquisition Report"

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