CLARE campaign GKSS in situ probes onboard a MERLIN IV aircraft
GKSS in situ probes onboard a MERLIN IV aircraft

What was the purpose of CLARE?

The objectives of the CLARE 2000: Cloud Lidar & Radar Experiments campaign were to allow additional observations, and as for CLARE 1998 to derive the macrophysical (bottom and top of the cloud, vertical structure …), microphysical (ice/liquid water content), radiative (re), and dynamic properties of clouds, from the radar-lidar observations to further test algorithms and investigate the interaction between dynamic/microphysical/radiative processes.

What was the outcome of CLARE?

The initial objectives of the CLARE campaigns, which were to provide an extended data base, and develop new analysis methods have been met despite some problems with system operation.

Download CLARE 2000 campaign final report


Campaign summary
Years 1998-2000
Geographic Site Brest (UK), Bretigny (France)
Field of Application Atmosphere
Data Size 1.4 MB
Workshop Proceedings esa wpp-170

Digital Object Identifier: - CLARE: "CLARE 2000 : Cloud Lidar & Radar Experiments"


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