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AGRISAR 2006 campaign plane

What was the purpose of AGRISAR 2006?

The AGRISAR 2006 campaign, carried out between 18 April and 2 August 2006, was established to address important specific programmatic needs of Sentinel-1 and -2:

  • To assess the impact of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 sensor and mission characteristics for land applications (land use mapping, parameter retrieval).
  • To provide a basis for the quantitative assessment of sensor or mission trade-off studies, e.g. spatial and radiometric resolution, revisit time
  • Simulate Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 image products over the land

What was the outcome of AGRISAR 2006?

The main outcomes of the AGRISAR 2006 project were:

  1. Preliminary analysis show a high potential of using the acquired data for further studies
  2. Multi-disciplinary approaches show a high potential of new product development
  3. SAR: depending on the application either C-band or L-band frequency is preferable


Download the AGRISAR 2006 Final Report

Campaign Summary
Years 2006
Geographic Site Demmin site
(Western Pomerania, D)
Field of Application Agriculture
Data Size More than 50 GB
Digital Object Identifier: - AgriSAR 2006: "Agricultural Bio-/Geophysical Retrievals from Frequent Repeat SAR and Optical Imaging"



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