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Analysis of AATSR sensor to fire parameterisation: an application in China

Cristina Moclán(1) , Abel Calle(1) , and José-Luis Casanova(1)

(1) University of Valladolid, Faculty of Physics, 47041 Valladolid, Spain


Up until now, the polar satellites most widely used for detection tasks have been the NOAA-AVHRR, the EOS-MODIS and the European sensor ATSR-2. In March 2002, the ESA put into orbit the ENVISAT satellite allowing us to put the advanced sensor AATSR (Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer) into operation. As is already known, this satellite has two different ways of observation: the nadir vision and the observation with a sloping angle of 55º in front of the sub-satellite point at a distance of approximately 1000 km above the ground. This observation is used for atmospheric correction processes taking into account that it is carried out at an interval of 150 seconds later than the former one. With respect to the spectral characteristics, AATSR has 7 bands centered in 0.56, 0.66, 0.87, 1.61, 3.70, 10.85 and 12µm respectively. The radiometric resolution these bands provide is quantified in 12 bits. It must be pointed out that although this sensor's main goal is the study and establishment of the sea temperature, its characteristics for fire observation, detection and monitoring have already been made clear by its predecessors ATSR-1 and ATSR-2. The present work has a double aim. On the one hand, to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the AATSR sensor's response to the variation of different parameters which are difficult to quantify in real time and for each point in the territory according to the potential characteristics that the fire observed has. On the other hand, to apply the detection and monitoring techniques to fires that occurred in the northern regions of China, where the environmental conditions are different from the ones existing in Mediterranean Europe.

Keywords: ENVISAT-AATSR, Forest Fires, Detection, Fire parameters