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Determination of parameters which control the primary production by phytoplankton in the German Bight using MERIS and AATSR data

Roland Doerffer(1) , Rüdiger Röttgers(1) , Kathrin Schiller(1) , and Wolfgang Schönfeld(1)

(1) GKSS Research Center, Max-Planck-Str. 1, 21502 Geesthacht, Germany


The German Bight is the most productive area in the North Sea. Causes are the high nutrient loads, which are transported by the coastal current into this area, as well as the special light conditions. To study the seasonal and spatial variability we have set up a model to determine the primary production by phytoplankton, which uses MERIS and AATSR data of ENVISAT as well as METEOSAT data as input. Most important are the light conditions, which are determined mainly by the water depth and the concentrations of suspended matter. A prerequisite for this procedure is the knowledge of the relationship between light and primary production for which the PI parameters have been determined.