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New Fluorescence algorithms for the MERIS sensor

Yannick Huot(1) , Marcel Babin(1) , Antoine Mangin(2) , and Odile Fanton d'Andon(2)

(1) Laboratoire d'oceanographie de Villefranche, 8 Quai de la Darse, 06238, France
(2) ACRI ST, 260 Route du Pin Montard, 06904 Sophia Antipolis, France


We adapt to MERIS two algorithms using the sun-induced fluorescence channel recently published for the MODIS sensor. One algorithm is for the retrieval of chlorophyll concentration and the other to obtain the quantum yield of fluorescence. The algorithms are developed as a first step for case 1 waters and are based on previously published and well-tested biophysical relationships for these waters. As opposed to the MODIS bands, we show that the bands chosen for the MERIS sensor to retrieve chlorophyll fluorescence emission are theoretically better suited to an unbiased estimate across trophic gradients. We then apply the same algorithms (adapted for the different spectral bands and viewing geometry) on two datasets for both the MODIS and MERIS sensors and compare the retrieval in the Mediterranean Sea and in the upwelling region along the Chilean coast.


Workshop presentation