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Validation of Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieved by BAER in the Mediterranean Area

Wolfgang von Hoyningen-Huene(1) , Alexander Kokhanovsky(1) , John P. Burrows(1) , Maria Sfakianaki(2) , and Maria Kanakidou(2)

(1) University of Bremen, Otto-Hahn-Allee 1, D-28334 Bremen, Germany
(2) University of Heraklion, PO Box 1470, GR-71409 Heraklion, Greece


The chemical composition of air over Mediterranean is affected by several processes producing atmospheric aerosol, like industrial activity, biomass burning, and advection of atmospheric masses from Sahara region with a huge load of desert dust. Regional aerosol distributions (e. g., the aerosol optical thickness (AOT) spatial distribution) in atmospheric layers over the Mediterranean can help to investigate the atmospheric pollution due to aerosol and also the aerosol transport.

The MERIS RR L1 top-of-atmosphere reflectance for over-paths over the Mediterranean have been used for the determination of AOT using Bremen AErosol Retrieval algorithm (BAER), c.f. von Hoyningen-Huene et al., 2003. Validations are undertaken using AOT retrievals for summer 2003 and ground-based AOT from AERONET instruments, c.f. Holben et al., 1998, around the Mediterranean. The analysis of correspondence of satellite retrieval and ground-based measurements for different AERONET instruments and different episodes enables the estimation of additional aerosol parameters and prevailing aerosol types, such as the urban aerosol or the desert dust by increased deviations from the standard aerosol assessment used in the BAER retrieval procedure.

Reference: von Hoyningen-Huene, W., M. Freitag, and J. B. Burrows: Retrieval of aerosol optical thickness over land surfaces from top-of-atmosphere radiance. J. Geophys. Res., 108(2003), D9 4260, doi:10.1029/2001JD002018, 2003.

Holben, B.N., Eck, T.F., Tanre, D. Buis, J.P., Setzer, A., Vermonte, E. Reagan, J.A., Kaufman, Y.J., Nakajima, T., Lavenu, F., Jankowiak, I. Smirnov, A.: AERONET-a federal instrument network and data archive for aerosol characterization. Rem. Sens. Environ., 66,1-16, 1998.


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