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DUP-DUE projects as an incentive to use MERIS ands AATSR

Olivier Arino(1) , Simon Pinnock(2) , Stephen Plummer(3) , and Claus Zehner(2)

(1) ESA ESRIN, Via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy
(2) ESA, ESA, ESA, Italy
(3) IGBP, via Galileo Galilei, 00044 Frascati, Italy


The DUP-DUE activities objective is to transfer new research into user driven applications by creating new pilot projects with user communities. This will continue in the future EOEP-3 the success achieved since 1996 with the Data User Programme and the Data user Element of the EOEP-2.

These activities are different from GMES (replying to European policies) because they address different user communities, different thematic, different scale at different maturity level.

DUE will continue to directly involve champion users who, with the support of the Agency, will fully develop the user requirements before a project is started. These champion users are expected to commit resources and expertise to ensure the execution of the project, facilitating access to in situ data and assessing the results. Champion users will be selected on the basis of their representativity of the wider user community and of their ability to facilitate outreach.

Both precursor pilot projects of a small size and sizeable projects with sufficient critical mass to provide high profile demonstrations of pre-operational services are essential to respectively identify and then engage user organisations in a meaningful long term relationship with the EO community. Moreover, following the demonstration phase, a framework that will ensure the successful transfer into a sustainable operational environment needs to be established (e.g. GMES, support to international project offices, global validation network, assimilation).

The DUP-DUE running projects that make use of MERIS and AATSR data will be reviewed, most of that projects refer to global change monitoring and support to international organisations and science programs as EUROCONTROL, UNEP, FAO, IGBP, GOFC, WCRP, GODAE: GLOBCARBON, GLOBCOVER, MEDSPIRATION, GLOBCOLOUR, TEMIS, GLOBAEROSOL


Workshop poster