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Application of MERIS Data for Agriculture and Marshland Area

Katarzyna Dabrowska - Zielinska(1) and Maria Gruszczynska(1)

(1) Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Modzelewskiego 27, 02-679 Warszawa, Poland


The aim of the project was to examine the applicability of MERIS for assessment of vegetation parameters for various crops and various type of grassland in marshland habitat and to include the obtained data to ASAR data examinations. The investigations have been done under ESA CAT-1 1427 and ESA AO-ID122 projects. Extensive field measurements, which included crop recognition, crop fenological phase, volumetric soil moisture [%] (bare soil and soil covered by crop, Leaf Area Index (LAI), height of the crops, wet biomass, albedo, amount of ears of wheat/m2. Also the information concerning the crop type (winter and spring wheat, corn, barley) its actual development stage and growing conditions were recorded. The measurements were carried out simultaneously to ENVISAT satellite overpasses. Unfortunately due to bad weather conditions only two MERIS images for each of area have been obtained. From MERIS data the numerous vegetation indices have been calculated in order to retrieve vegetation characteristics. On the basis of MERIS data the land use map was done.