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Volcanoes Monitoring by Infra-Red

Olivier Colin(1)

(1) ESA/ESRIN, via Galileo Galilei , 00044 Frascati, Italy


The Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR-2) on board the ERS-2 satellite has proven to be a very useful tool for monitoring the thermal activities of the volcanoes. In 2000 a test service was developed and put into operations at ESA to monitor more than 100 volcanoes in real time. With AATSR (Advanced ATSR) on board the Envisat spacecraft, this service called Volcanoes Monitoring by Infra-Red (VoMIR) was improved and the geographical coverage was extended. Using the GRID technology, the AATSR data is processed in near real time and results are put on the web for public access. The radiances of the volcanoes are reported at different wavelength together with quick-look images enabling the near real time monitoring of the volcanic activity. Moreover, the GRID technology allows the user to customise his/her own algorithm and reprocess a complete dataset in short time. This paper describes the algorithm, operational concept, and presents preliminary results.