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SMOS '09 Posters

Validation of Salinity from Space: A Canadian Contribution
  Jim Gower, Stephanie King, Rowan Fox and Igor Yashayaev
Hydrological variable components determining SM in the Ropa River Catchment in Polish Flysch Carpatians, for SMOS Cal-Val, AO-3275, the project SWEX
  Witold Bochenek, Eugeniusz Gil, Małgorzata Kijowska, Wojciech Marczewski
Spatial variability of texture and wetness: effects on the thermal conductivity of soil
  B. Usowicz, W. Marczewski, J. Lipiec, J.B. Usowicz, Z. Sokolowska, H. Dabkowska-Naskret, M. Hajnos, M.I. Lukowski
Soil moisture spatial distribution at the SMOS Cal/Val Campaign POLESIE (AO-3275) in Poland
  B. Usowicz, W. Marczewski, J. Lipiec, J.B. Usowicz, Z. Sokolowska, H. Dabkowska-Naskret, M. Hajnos, M.I. Lukowski
GNSS reflectometry in experimental campaigns in support to the SMOS mission
  E. Cardellach, F. Fabra, A. Rius1,N. Reul, J. Tenerelli
Ocean CAL/VAL activities in Hamburg
  Detlef Stammer and Antje Tittebrand
ELBARA II, L-band Radiometer for SMOS Cal/Val Purposes
  A. Wiesmann, C. Werner, U. Wegmueller, M. Schwank, C. Maetzler
The Danish SMOS Cal/Val Site: HOBE
  Simone Bircher, Niels Skou
Match-up point database for SMOS: the Valencia Anchor Station case
  S. Juglea, Y.H. Kerr, A. Mialon, E.Lopez-Baeza, A.Cano2,J.C.Calvet,
A.Albitar, J.P. Wigneron
Development of SMAP Mission Cal/Val Activities
  A. Colliander, T. Jackson, J. Kimball, D. Entekhabi, E. Njoku, P. O’Neill
L-band Reflectivity of a Wire Grid Mounted Above the Ground
  Ingo Völksch, Mike Schwank, Christian Mätzler
Development of SMAP Project Cal/Val Activities
  Andreas Colliander, Tom Jackson, John Kimball, Simon Yueh, Eni Njoku
The Community Microwave Emission Model
  P. de Rosnay, M. Drusch, G. Balsamo, T. Holmes, J. Muñoz Sabater
SMOS brightness temperature validation over the Salar de Uyuni
  M.J. Escorihuela, Y. Kerr, P. Richaume, J.P. Wigneron and M. Roca
CALIMAS (CAL CALibration ibration - validation of validation of Interferometric nterferometric Microwave icrowave And nd Salinity products): alinity products): Current status
  Adriano Camps, Jordi Font, Ignasi Corbella, Mercé Vall·Llossera, Jordi Mallorquí, Emilio García, Alonso Hernández-Guerra, Marcos Portabella, Alicia Lavín, Antonio Rius, Aida Fernández Ríos, Joaquim Ballabrera-Poy
Maqu and Twente site for validation of SMOS soil moisture products
  L. Dente, Z. Vekerdy, Z. Su
Surface Temperature-Salinity Relationship in the Context of the SMOS Satellite Mission
The AMMA-CATCH soil moisture measurement network
  M. Grippa, P. de Rosnay, T. Pellarin, C. Gruhier, F. Timouk, S. Galle, B. Cappelaere, J. Demarty, C. Peugeot, M. Zribi, E. Mougin, L. Kergoat, F. Baup, Y. Kerr, T. Lebel
Soil moisture analysis at ECMWF using a SEKF scheme: recent developments and preliminary results
  J. Muñoz Sabater, P. de Rosnay, M. Drusch, G. Balsamo
SMOSL1OP Smos Comparator Tool: SCoT
  GMV Innovating Solutions