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5th International SMOS Science Workshop
November 29th-December 1st, 2004
ESA-ESRIN, Frascati Italy

Monday November 29th
Introduction (Chair J. Benveniste)
Welcome V. Liebig
Introduction and aim of the workshopY. Kerr
Workshop Organisation Jérôme Benveniste
Status of the projects (Chair Y. Kerr)
SMOS activities M. Martin Neira
Acquarius/SAC-D Mission Status G. Lagerloef, F. Colomb et al
Hydros Pathfinder Mission D. Entekhabi
Towards a Road map (Chair D. Levine):
Science preparation programme at ESA M. Berger
Open issues to be addressed in splinter on Ocean salinity J. Font, J. Boutin
Open issues to be addressed in splinter on Soil moisture E. Njoku
Open issues to be addressed in splinter on Cal Val P. Waldteufel
Cal Val Splinter Agenda F. Cabot, N. Reul, G. Lagerloef, T. Delcroix et al
Field campaigns P. Wursteisen
Status Report P. Wursteisen
Cosmos Campaign Instrument and Aircraft Status N. Skou
Splinter session presentation and organisation Y. Kerr
Tuesday November 30th
Organisation of splinters (Chair M. Berger)
Goals and expected outcome Y. Kerr
Issues to be addressed (retrieval, auxiliary data, calibration, ground segment)
SMOS Y. Kerr
Aquarius G. Lagerloef
Hydros D. Entekhabi
Splinter session A
Splinter sessions
Splinter 1: Calibration and Validation, Chair G. Lagerloef
Surface Validation Data
Calibration - What We Need, Where We Stand F. Cabot et al
Trials and tribulations of the calibration and validation scheme for SMOS: how to relate what is necessary to what is possible? Discussion on the on-board calibration, vicarious calibration and synergistic approaches with HYDROS and Aquarius.
Keynote speaker F. Cabot
Splinter 2: Image Reconstruction Chair N. Skou
Image Reconstruction M. Peichli and N. Skou
What is the optimal path and were do we stand regarding it. How our knowledge of the actual reconstruction may impact the ground segment. Other specific issues (i.e.. sun glint, Faraday rotation and/or galactic background, RFI, etc.)
Keynote speakers M. Peichl / N. Skou
Poster Session and demo, Chair T. Jackson
Main results achieved this last few months
Brightness Temperature Product for Browsing P. Waldteufel (IPSL/SA), Y. Kerr (CESBIO)
The Earth Observation Swath and Orbit Visualisation Tool, ESOVM. Zundo
Smos Geolocation Using Isolated Islands P. Waldteufel (IPSL/SA), Y. Kerr (CESBIO)
Assimilation of Remote Sensing Data to Monitor the Terrestrial Carbon Cycle: the Carbon Observatory of Geoland J.-C. Calvet et al
On the Potential of Multi-temporal Satellite Records Analysis for Soil Wetness Monitoring T. Lacava et al
Oznet - the Australian Moisture Monitoring Network Jeffrey Walker, Jetse Kalma, Andrew Western, Garry Willgoose and Paul Houser
Plmr+ - Polarimetric L-band Multibeam Radiometer (+ Thermal Imager and Other Instruments) Jeffrey Walker, Rodger Grayson, Jetse Kalma, J÷rg Hacker and Mal Heron
Wiggle Problem and Surface ScatteringN. Skou
Time and Space Scales for Sea Surface Salinity in the Tropical Oceans (poster)T. Delcroix
Time and Space Scales for Sea Surface Salinity in the Tropical Oceans (slides)T. Delcroix
Scientific Synergy Between Smos and Aquarius/SAC-D: Steps Towards Consolidated Sea Surface Salinity Measurements from Space
Surface Autonomous Conductivity and Temperature (surfact) Antonio Lourenšo, Jacqueline Boutin, Jacqueline Etcheto, Thierry Monglon and Jean Jacques Naudin
A Simple Modeling of the Bare Soil Emission At L-band M. Escorihuela et al
Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval: Preliminary Results J. Boutin, J.L. Vergely, P. Waldteufel
Retrieving Soil Moisture Under Forests With L-band Spaceborne Instruments: Simulation of Perturbing Effects A. della Vecchia et al
Ground-based Observation for AMSR/AMSR-E Soil Moisture Measurement Validation in Mongolia Ichirow Kaihotsu and Toshio Koike
Inversion of Sea Surface Salinity from Satellite Data Sylvain Michel, Bertrand Chapron, Nicolas Reul
Disturbing Effects in the Retrieval of Sea Salinity from Space at L-Band N. Skou et al
Shaping Radiation Patterns of Low Profile L-Band Array Antennas Benedikt Oswald, Kurt Roth, Hannes Fluhler
Fundamentals of MIRAS-SMOS Error Budget F. Torres, I. Corbella, A. Camps, N. Duffo, M. Vall-llossera.
A simple method to generate pseudo-SSS images Herraiz et al
A new semi-empirical model of sea surface emissivity used to retrieve salinity, wind speed, and wave height C. Gabarró et al
Retrieving Salinity from the Plata Campaign STARRS DataC. Gabarró et al
The coSMOS Airborne Campaign over the Valencia Anchor Station Area E. Lopez-Baeza et al
In Parallel: SEPS hands on and demonstration
The SMOS End-to-end Performance Simulator
The SMOS End-to-end Performance Simulator - Powerpoint presentation version, 14.3 MB
Plenary Session, Chair J. Font
Outcome of Splinter 1 G. Lagerloef
Outcome of Splinter 2 N. Skou
General discussions All
Preparation of splinters 3 and 4 Y. Kerr
Wednesday December 1st
Splinter session B
Splinter 3: Soil Moisture Chair E. Njoku
Introduction to Splinter Session on Soil Moisture P. Ferrazzoli
International Soil Moisture Missions Working Group
Splinter 4: Ocean Salinity, Chair J. Boutin
These splinters started with a set of questions to be addressed as much as possible including:
  • Special effects to be tackled now (list to be developed from suggestions from science and project)
  • Products? What is required - should this be separated for soil moisture and ocean salinity?
  • Is it possible to try to define some sort of a standard with regard to forward models, dielectric models
  • What are the necessary studies and campaigns
  • International working group finalisation
  • Draft requirements for validation (approaches, sites, simulations and data bases, etc.)
Synergetic Aspects and Auxiliary Data Concepts for Sea Surface Salinity Measurements from Space (AO/1-4505/03/NL/CB) N. Reul, M. Srokosz et al
Keynote speaker Soil Moisture P. Ferrazzoli
Soil Moisture Splinter Keynote Talk - P. Ferrazzoli
Keynote speaker Ocean Salinity E. Obligis
Sea Surface Salinity Retrieval and L2 Calibration Issues E. Obligis et al
Plenary concluding session (chair Y. Kerr)
Outcome of Splinter 3 E. Njoku
Outcome of Splinter 4 J. Boutin
General discussions All
Concluding Remarks Y. Kerr

Keywords: ESA European Space Agency - Agence spatiale europeenne, observation de la terre, earth observation, satellite remote sensing, teledetection, geophysique, altimetrie, radar, chimique atmospherique, geophysics, altimetry, radar, atmospheric chemistry