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Workshop Presentations

Jose Manuel RedondoOil Spill Detection and Prediction from SAR multiscale analysis
Paul SnoeijSea and Ice Products from Sentinel-1
Vincent KerbaolNear-Real Time Generation of ENVISAT ASAR Level-2 Wind and Waves products: Presentation of the system and preliminary achievements
Paulo Miguel Nunes do CarmoNear Real Time (NRT) Suspect Vessel Identification (SVI) system
Vitaly AlexandrovDetection of Arctic icebergs on the base of satellite SAR
Charlotte HasagerWind energy and SAR wind mapping
Johnny JohannessenA model of combined backscatter and Doppler shifts for surface velocity estimation from SAR images.
Johnny JohannessenSynergetic combination of ASAR with spectrometers and radiometers for advanced interpretation of mesoscale current features.
Leif E.B. ErikssonImproved sea ice monitoring for the Baltic Sea – Project overview and first results
Stefano ZecchettoSimilarities and differences of SAR derived wind fields using two different methods: the local gradient and the continuous wavelet transform methods
Weigen HuangSpatial and Temporal Variations of Internal Waves in the South China Sea
Harald JohnsenAnalysis and inversion of ASAR WM data - assessment of polarization and incidence angle dependencies
Werner AlpersSynthetic Aperture Radar Observations of Sea Surface Signatures of Atmospheric Gravity Waves over Coastal Waters
Werner AlpersDetection of Meso-scale Atmospheric Fronts in the Marine Boundary Layer by Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
Stein SandvenSea ice classification using ASAR Alternating Polarisation images
Guillaume HajduchShip Detection : from Processing to Instrument Characterisation
Cristina Martin PuigSAR Altimetry Applications Over Water
Guillermo Diaz-MendezEffects of gap-winds on multi-modal ocean Swell systems at the south Pacific coast of Mexico
Marivi TelloUnsupervised oil spill detection in SAR imagery through an estimator of local regularity
Donald R. ThompsonDevelopment of an L-Band Geophysical Model Function and Comparison with Measured Cross Section Data
Kostas TopouzelisSatellite Monitoring of Oil Spills in the Mediterranean Sea for 1999-2004
George KallosData assimilation in WAM4 – System operations and validation
Marina MityaginaMulti-Sensor Observation of Mesoscale and Small-Scale Features
Jean-Yves Le BrasCharacterisation of location discrepancies between ENVISAT/ERS ship detection reports and AIS records during the MARISS phase 2 trials in France
Stephan BruschSynergetic use of Radar and optical Satellite Images to Support Severe Storm Prediction
Alessandro ColettaCOSMO-SkyMed Mission status
Susanne LehnerApplication of TerraSAR-X for oceanography
O.N. GershenzonOnline Access to Radar Maritime Monitoring Data
Olga LavrovaSatellite monitoring of sea surface state of Russia’s coastal zone of the Black and Azov Seas
Alexander SolovievRemote Sensing of Ship Wakes
Lotfi AoufRecent improvements for the assimilation of upgraded ASAR wave spectra in the wave model
Hans GraberMaritime Domain Awareness Experiment
Daniel BäckAnalysis of polarimetric signatures of Arctic lead ice using data from AIRSAR and RADARSAT
Jordi J. MallorquiDiscretization Effects in Sea Surface Simulation Applied to Ship Classification Studies
Ferdinando NunziataOil Spill Detection by means of Dual-polarized SAR data
Antonio ReppucciA New SAR Retrieval Method for Hurricane Wind Parameters
Cees de ValkComparison of data and model predictions of current, wave and radar cross-section modulation by seabed sand waves
Xiaoming LiOcean Wave Measurements in High and Complex Sea State by SAR Wave Mode Data and Numerical Wave Model
Saleh AbdallaStatus of Global Validation of ENVISAT ASAR Wave Mode Products at ECMWF
Attilio GambardellaSea Oil Spill Observation by means of Analysis of Spatial Statistics in Polarimetric SAR Data Using Wavelet Signatures
Francisco Ocampo-TorresOn the ocean surface wave spectrum detection under hurricane influence: Detailed spatial evolution.
Johannes Schulz-StellenflethFirst results obtained in the OSIRIS project
José da SilvaDo Moving Polar Highs play a significant role on the generation of Internal Solitary Waves in the Atmosphere?
Samuel DjavidniaCleanSeaNet: The EU remote sensing based monitoring system for marine oil spill detection and surveillance in European waters
Fabrice CollardRoutine high resolution observation of selected major surface currents from space
Fabrice CollardGlobal swell waves observation and application for NRT storm swell tracking and swell attenuation estimation
João A. LorenzzettiAn assessment of the usefulness of SAR images to help better locating the Brazil Current surface inshore front
Stein SandvenDEvelopment of Marine Oil Spill Satellite monitoring system for the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and Kara/Barents Seas (DEMOSS)
Valborg Byfield Monitoring Of Oil Pollution Using Earth Observation Data (MOPED)
Daniel De LisleRADARSAT-2 Program Status
Ferdinando NunziataOil Spill Detection by means of Dual-polarized SAR data/Analysis of the sea surface scattering with and without surface slicks (I)
Ferdinando NunziataOil Spill Detection by means of Dual-polarized SAR data/Analysis of the sea surface scattering with and without surface slicks (II)


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