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The European Space Agency organised its first SAR oceanography workshop, SEASAR 2006, entitled "Advances in SAR Oceanography from ENVISAT and ERS missions", which was held at ESA ESRIN in Frascati, Italy, from 24 to 26.January 2006.

The workshop's goals were to:
  • Provide a forum for scientific exchange and to assess the state-of-art in SAR Coastal and Marine Application
  • Initiate and encourage close collaboration between individual research groups
  • Present the evolution of ENVISAT ASAR wave mode algorithms
  • Review the validation of ENVISAT ASAR wave products
  • Assess wave mode user requirements
  • Formulate recommendations for algorithm and new products development
  • To present ESA studies results on wind, wave and currents from SAR data
  • Provide a forum for ESA Principal Investigators to present results and status of AO and Cat-1 projects
  • Discuss the use of SAR data over the Ocean for scientific research, applications development and their assimilation into meteorological models
  • To review and assess the maturity and operational readiness of SAR marine applications
  • Assess the available data ordering and analysis tools
  • Wave mode processing algorithms, product validation and assimilation
  • Ocean Wind applications
  • Ocean Current applications
  • Wave applications
  • Ice applications
  • Oil spill and ship detection
  • Methodology and techniques

The workshop was organised around:

Papers and posters selected by the Scientific Committee
Round-table discussions with seed questions prepared by the Scientific Committee and ESA
Demonstration of software tools

Workshop Proceedings to be published by ESA


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