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Workshop Presentations

Yves-Louis Desnos - POLinSAR Achievements and Plans 

Marcus Engdahl - Workshop Organisation 

Evert Attema - GMES Sentinel-1 Mission and Products

Alberto Moreira - Tandem-L: Monitoring the Earth's Dynamics with InSAR and Pol-InSAR

Konstantinos Papathanassiou - Estimation of Forest Sructure by means of Multi-BAseline Pol-InSAR 

Anthony Freeman - DESDynI � A NASA Mission for Ecosystems, Solid Earth, and Cryosphere Science

Irena Hajnsek - Mission Status and Data Availability: TANDEM-X

Daniel De Lisle - RADARSAT-2: Capabilities and Benefits for the Canadian Government

Masanobu Shimada - ALOS/PALSAR and ALOS-2 program � JAXA�s spaceborne L-band SAR programs

Irena Hajnsek - Polarization Capabilities and Status of TERRASAR-X

Anthony Freeman - Calibration of PalSAR polarimetric data

Marco Lavalle - Faraday Rotation Estimation from Unfocussed Raw data: Analysis using ALOS PALSAR Data

Masanobu Shimada - PALSAR Polarimetric accuracy and stability evaluated for three years Amazon data

Ridha Touzi - Polarimetric PALSAR System Model Assessment and Calibration

Ridha Touzi - Data Quality Assessment of Polarimetric RADARSAT2 

Marco Lavalle - Calibration of Dual Polarimetric C-BAND SAR data: a possible approach for SENTINEL-1

Tom Ainsworth - Boreal Forest Classification Employing Dual-pol PALSAR Imagery

Erxue Chen - Forest volume density estimation from ALOS PALSAR data in rugged region

Dirk Hoekman - PALSAR tropical forest cover mapping, mosaicing and validation, Case study Borneo

Seung-Kuk Lee - The Impact of Temporal Decorrelation Over Forest Terrain in Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

Terhikki Manninen - ENVISAT/ASAR VV/HH backscattering and the radiation characteristics of subarctic boreal forest

Mahmud Raimadoya - Progress on the first POLinSAR analysis of ALOS/PALSAR in the tropical forest of Indonesia.

Kugler Florian - Forest Height Estimation with X-band InSAR: Phase Centre Location versus RVoG

Lu Bai - A New Approach to Estimate Forest Parameters Using Dual-Baseline Pol-InSAR Data

Koichi Iribe - Estimation of Ground Topography in Forested Terrain by Means of POLARIMETRIC SAR Interferometry

Marco Lavalle - A New Approach for PolInSAR Forest Parameters Inversion: Results Using the ESA ALOS-PALSAR Prototype Processor

Seung-Kuk Lee - Bandwidth Effects in POL-INSAR Forest Parameter Estimation Performance at P-Band

Bryan Mercer - DTM Extraction Beneath Forest Canopy at L-Band from an Experimental Single-Pass Airborne Pol-InSAR System

Pascale Dubois-Fernandez - POLINSAR at Low Frequency and Ionospheric Effects

Eric Pottier - Overview of the PolSARpro v4.0 Software

Gerard Margarit - Performance Evaluation of Polarimetric SAR Interferometry in Urban Scenarios: Analysis of Simulated Images and Cross-correlation with Real Data.

Yue Huang - Building height estimation using multibaseline L-band SAR data and polarimetric subspace fitting methods 

Thierry Toutin - 3D Radargrammetric Modeling of Radarsat-2 Ultra-Fine and Polarimetric Modes

R Keith Raney - Hybrid-Polarity SAR Architecture

Ridha Touzi - Compact versus full POLARIMETRIC SAR

Jun Su Kim - Impact of Polarimetric Dimensionality on Forest Parameter Estimation by Means of Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

Marco Lavalle - Compact Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: PALSAR Observations and Associated Reconstruction Algorithms

Francois Charbonneau - Compact Polarimetry: Multi-Thematic Evaluation

My-Linh Truong-Lo� - Comparison between the conformity coefficient and previous classification techniques for bare surface discrimination and application to compact polarimetry mode 

Francois Charbonneau - Using Polarimetric and Dual-Pol RADARSAT-2 data for Soil Moisture Estimation 

Sandrine Daniel - Soil moisture retrieval over periodic surfaces using PolSAR data

Thomas Jagdhuber - Soil Moisture Estimation under Vegetation applying Polarimetric Decomposition Techniques

P. Marzahn - Using fully polarimetric SAR data for the retrieval of soil surface roughness: potentials and limitations for an operational use

Anthony P. Doulgeris - Evaluation of polarimetric configurations for glacier classification

Dana Floricioiu - Characteristics of snow and ice morphological features derived from multi-polarization TerraSAR-X data

St�phane Mermoz - River Ice Mapping from TERRASAR-X Images

Jayanti Sharma - Characterisation of oriented volumes in glacier ice and extinction inversion with Pol-InSAR

Susanne Lehner - Improved ocean wave measurement using dual-polarization SAR data !! 

Thomas Busche - Investigating Coastal Polynya Thin Sea Ice State in the Laptev Sea Using TerraSAR-X Dual-Pol Stripmap Data

Irena Hajnsek - Crop Characterisation at Short Wavelength POLINSAR 

Sang-Hoon Hong - Wetland InSAR over the Everglades from space observed polarimetric data

Juan M Lopez-Sanchez - Rice Monitoring in Spain by means of Time Series of TerraSAR-X Dual-pol Images

Maxim Neumann - Improvement of Vegetation Parameter Retrieval from Polarimetric SAR Interferometry using a Simple Polarimetric Scattering Model

Sang-Eun Park - Coastal wetland monitoring using multi-frequency polarimetric SAR

Ridha Touzi - Coherent and Incoherent Scattering Decomposition in Terms of Roll Invariant Target Parameters : Applications to Wetland Classification Using C-Band SAR

Shane Cloude - Dual versus Quadpol: A New Test Statistic for Radar Polarimetry

Elise Colin Koeniguer - Polarimetric study of an anisotropic cloud of cylinders in a bistatic configuration

Gianfranco De Grandi - Texture Analysis of Polarimetric SAR data

Esra Erten - A Joint Density of Temporal Scattering Elements: Application to Change Detection

Jong-Sen Lee - Evaluation and Bias Removal of Multi-Look Effect on Entropy/Alpha /Anisotropy 

Armando Marino - Polarimetric Target Detector by the use of the Polarisation Fork

Maxim Neumann - A General Model-based Polarimetric Decomposition Scheme for Vegetated Areas

Riccardo Paladini - Equivalence of Different Format Radar Polarimetric Data for Coherency Matrix Estimation

Sang-Eun Park - Dependence of Polarimetric Surface Scattering on Spatial Resolution

Anfinsen Stian Normann - A Relaxed Wishart Model for Polarimetric SAR Data

Gabriel Vasile - Estimation of normalized coherency matrix through the SIRV model. Application to high resolution POLSAR data

Fabrizio Lombardini - Experiments of 3D SAR Tomography Techniques with P-Band Polarimetric Data 

Stefano Tebaldini - Polarimetric Options for P-Band SAR Tomography of Forested Areas

Francesco De Zan - Tandem-L Forest Parameter Performance Analysis

Stefano Tebaldini - P-Band SAR Tomography of the Remningstorp Forest Site


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