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POLINSAR2005 Workshop - Final Programme
Day 1, Monday 17 January 2005
Opening Session: Official Welcome and Keynote Speeches
Official Welcome ESA
SAR Polarimetry and Applications E. Pottier
SAR Interferometry and Applications F. Rocca
SAR Polarimetric Interferometry and Applications S. Cloude
Spaceborne SAR Systems for Polarimetric, Interferometric and Pol-InSAR Applications A. Moreira
Day 2, Tuesday 18 January 2005
SAR Polarimetric Interferometry (Pol-InSAR)Chair: W. M. Boerner/S. Cloude
Polarimetric and Interferometric Mission and Application StudyKostas Papathanassiou
Spaceborne Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: Performance Analysis and Mission ConceptsGerhard Krieger
Constraining Coherence Optimisation in Polarimetric Interferometry of Layered TargetsJose Luis Gomez-Dans
Polarimetric SAR Tomography (POLTOMSAR)Stephane Guillaso
Amplitude-Driven-Adaptive-Neighbourhood Filtering of High-Resolution Pol-InSAR InformationGabriel Vasile
On the Need of Developing Multi-Band Differential (Multiple Pass) POLinSAR Theory and Algorithms for Remote Sensing and Monitoring Severe Environmental Stress Changes (Disasters) Such as Earthquakes, Severe Storms, Typhoons and FloodsWolfgang-Martin Boerner
Round Table, SAR Polarimetric Interferometry (Seed Questions) Chair: W. M. Boerner/S. Cloude
ForestryChair: P. Dubois-Fernandez/D. Hoekman
Forest Height Estimation by means of Polarimetric SAR Interferometry: Actual Status and PerspectivesKonstantinos Papathanassiou
Integration of Polarimetric Classification and Forest Parameter Inversion Using Pol-InSAR DataJ.S. Lee
Analysis of forest parameters SAR inversion from SLC multibaseline dataAngelo Liseno
Forest biomass estimation from P-band high incidence angle dataPascale Dubois-Fernandez
Forest Mapping and Classification Using L-Band POLINSAR DataLaurent Ferro-Famil
Analysis of forest parameters and agricultural field structure from high resolution PolInSAR X band dataFranck Garestier
Performance of Forest Biomass Estimation from Pol-InSAR and Forest Allometry over Temperate ForestsTobias Mette
Validation of Heights Derived From Interferometric SAR and LIDAR over the Temperate Forest Site Nationalpark Bayerischer WaldThomas Aulinger
ENVISAT/ASAR data for forest observations in SiberiaA. Wiesmann
(for Thuy Le Toan)
Round Table, Forestry (Seed Questions) Chair: P. Dubois-Fernandez/D. Hoekman
Poster SessionChair: K. Papathanassiou
Resolution effects on Polar and PolInSAR high resolution X band dataFranck Garestier
Quality Assessment of the Oriented Volume over Ground (OVoG) Model for POLINSAR Retrieval Algorithms Applied to Agricultural CropsJuan M. Lopez-Sanchez
Polarimetric observations of the ocean surface from the airborne radar STORMDaniele Hauser
PolInSAR data processing with RAT (Radar Tools)Andreas Reigber
Vegetation height estimation using Polarimetric SAR Interferometry for the Monks Wood National Nature Reserve, UKParivash Lumsdon
A Multiscale Approach to Segmentation in Polarimetric SAR ImagesMarc Jger
Polarimetric classification using the Cloude/Pottier decompositionMounira Ouarzeddine
Combining High Resolution and Low Resolution Information in Synoptic Representation of Fully Polarimetric SAR ImagesJaan Praks
Quality assessment of multiparametric segmentation techniques for high resolution polarimetric SAR dataMaria Grazia Viscito
Evaluating PolInSAR Parameter Estimation Using Tomographic Imaging ResultsStephane Guillaso
  Free Poster Session
Radarsat-2 Update Daniel De Lisle
Recent Developments in Long-Wavelength IFSAR for Long Wavelength Forest Mapping Bryan Mercer
Day 3, Wednesday 19 January 2005
ApplicationsChair: E. Pottier/M. Sato
Fully vs. Dual Polarisation Satellite Sensors for Urban Area AnalysisGiovanna Trianni
Polarimetric Interferometry over Urban ScenariosRafael Zandona Schneider
Comparison between PSInSAR data in HH and VV polarization over urban areasAlessandro Ferretti
Development of a Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar (GB-SAR) System and its applications to environment monitoring and disaster preventionMotoyuki Sato
Object Recognition with Radar Polarimetry Using Dual-Frequency and Dual Aspect Angle ObservationsTeemu Tares
FOPEN with polarimetric interferometry : validations with experimental data in P-bandElise Colin
Mapping Dry Snow in Mountain Regions from Fully Polarimetric SAR DataAudrey Martini
Polarimetric SAR Interferometry for Snow Cover Parameter EstimationKonstantinos Papathanassiou
Dual-polarisation measurements of the ocean surface radar cross-section: analysis from airborne radar observations and ENVISAT ASAR imagesDaniele Hauser
A Preliminary Study on the Capability of SAR Polarimetry to Observe Oil SpillsMaurizio Migliaccio
Polarimetric and Interferometric Features of Oyster Farming Structures in Coastal AreasSeung-Kuk Lee
PolSARpro: A versatile Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational ToolboxEric Pottier
Round Table, Applications (Seed Questions) Chair: E. Pottier/M. Sato
Land-Agriculture ApplicationsChair: P. Lombardo/M. Shimada
A New Eigenvalue-based Parameter for Natural Media CharacterizationSophie Allain
Differential Extinction Estimation over Agricultural Vegetation from Pol-InSARIrena Hajnsek
Estimating Sub-Canopy Soil Moisture using POLInSARShane Cloude
A POLINSAR Retrieval Algorithm Applied to Rice CropsJ. David Ballester-Berman
Agriculture classification using POLSAR dataHenning Skriver
On the use of ASAR polarisations for crop monitoringThuy Le Toan
Round Table, Land-Agriculture (Seed Questions) Chair: P. Lombardo/M. Shimada
Day 4, Thursday 20 January 2005
Theoretical ModellingChair: I. Hajnsek/T. Le Toan
On the use of a coherent scattering model to determine the origin of artificial signatures of a target hidden in a forest. Application to the P-Band POLINSAR observation of a trihedron within the Nezer forest.Laetitia Thirion
Study of the Speckle Noise Effects Over the Eigen Decomposition of Polarimetric SAR DataCarlos Lopez-Martinez
Generation of Pol-SAR and Pol-In-SAR Data for Homogeneous Distributed Targets Simulation Luca Pipia
An analytical expression of the polarimetric coeherence based on two-scale surface roughness modelFrancesco Mattia
Sensitivity analysis for forest interferometric, polarimetric observables estimationChristian Ruiz
Round Table, Theoretical Modelling (Seed Questions) Chair: I. Hajnsek/T. Le Toan
Airborne PolInSAR campaignsChair: S. Hensley/H. Skriver
Polarimetric Repeat-Pass Interferometric Airborne UHF SAR Data Acquisition and CalibrationHubert Cantalloube
Polarimetric SAR in the Sendai square-loop flight by Pi-SARMotoyuki Sato
Swiss Alpine Airborne SAR Experiment (SASARE): Multi-baseline polarimetric SAR interferometry studies at L- and P-bandOliver Stebler
INDREX II: Indonesian Airborne Radar Experiment Campaign over Irena Hajnsek
Repeat Pass Processing of L-Band and P-band Data over the La Selva Forest in Costa RicaScott Hensley
On the need for developing high-altitude drones (UAVs) for implementation of multi-band single and multiple pass differential POLinSAR technology toward in-situ monitoringWolfgang-Martin Boerner
Round Table, Airborne Polinsar Campaigns (Seed Questions) Chair: S. Hensley/H. Skriver
Spaceborne missions for PolinsarChair: A. Moreira/J.-C. Souyris
Feasibility Analysis of Pol-INSAR Applications with a TerraSAR-X Tandem MissionAlberto Moreira
Polarimetric and interferometric potential of the PALSAR/ALOSMasanobu Shimada
Applications and Design of a Multi-Polarisation 2nd Generation SAR for the COSMO/SKYMED ConstellationFabio Dell'Acqua
A Study for COSMO-SkyMed SAR Multi-Beam of Second Generation (MSAR-2G)Pierfrancesco Lombardo
Round Table, Spaceborne Missions (Seed Questions) Chair: I. Hajnsek/T. Le Toan
Session Summaries  
Workshop Conclusions and Recommendations Chair: Y.-L. Desnos/M. Engdahl
Day 5, Friday 21 January 2005
POLSARPRO Training Course  
Topic 1: General Presentation of the PolSARpro Software E. Pottier
Topic 2: PolSARpro - Single Data Set Package E. Pottier
Environment, Import Raw Binary Data, Sub Area Extraction
Polarimetric data conversion
Change of polarisation basis
Speckle filtering, P.W.F
Data processing: polarimetric elements representation.
Polarimetric decompositions and analysis
Unsupervised Wishart - H/A/ Classification
Supervised polarimetric Wishart segmentation
Optimal Polarimetric Contrast Enhancement (O.P.C.E)
Topic 3: PolSARpro - EO Scientific Investigator Package E. Pottier
Speckle Filter (BoxCar, JS Lee refined filter)
H/A/ Decomposition and analysis
Unsupervised Wishart - H/A/ Classification
Practical Course



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