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Official ESA Welcome  
Workshop Organization Y.L. Desnos
Studies on Polarimetry/Interferometry Chair: H. Skriver/D.Corr
A Review of the Applications of SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry - an ESA-funded study Douglas Corr
Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar Polarimetry Henning Skriver
A Review of Polarization Orientation Estimation from Polarimetric SAR Data Jong-Sen Lee
Surface Parameter Estimation Using Interferometric Coherences at Different Polarisations Irena Hajnsek
Studies on Polarimetry/Interferometry Chair: S. Cloude/J.-C. Souyris
What can be learnt from a half-polarimetric SAR? Jean-Claude Souyris
Why We Do Need to Place Multi-band Single and Multiple Pass POLinSAR Monitoring Platforms into Space Wolfgang-Martin Boerner
Polarimetric SAR interferometry classification, resolution estimation and comparison with optical images in Glenaffric radar projrct. Parivash Lumsdon
Analysis of SAR Response Anisotropic Behavior Using Sub-Aperture Polarimetric Data Laurent Ferro-Famil
Round Table
Land-Agriculture Applications Chair: J. S. Lee/S. Quegan
Crop classification with multitemporal polarimetric SAR data Shaun Quegan
Assessing the benefit of SAR Polarimetry for Land Cover Classification Alex Rodrigues
A new polarimetric classification approach evaluated for agricultural crops Dirk Hoekman
Polarimetric indices for crop monitoring based on model simulations and satellite observations Xavier Blaes
A comparison of statistical segmentation techniques for multifrequency polarimetric SAR: region growing versus simulated annealing Tiziana Macrě Pellizzeri
Land-Agriculture Applications Chair: J. S. Lee/S. Quegan
Model-based segmentation techniques for multifrequency polarimetric SAR Pierfrancesco Lombardo
Statistical Segmentation of Polarimetric SAR Data Laurent Ferro-Famil
Round Table
Theoretical Modelling Chair: T. Le Toan/P. Saich
Modelling of the scattering by a smooth dielectric cylinder: study of the complex scattering matrix using two different models Laetitia Thirion
On the physical modelling of polarimetric parameters of forests Thuy Le Toan
Physical interpretation of the sensitivity of polarisation coherence to soil surface roughness Francesco Mattia
Round Table
Forestry (Parallel Session) Chair: C. Schmullius/D. Hoekman
Tropical Forest Mapping using Multiband Interferometric and Polarimetric SAR Data Kemal Unggul Prakoso
Evaluating PolInSAR Tree Height and Topography Retrievals in Glen Affric Iain Woodhouse
Vegetation Parameters using TOPSAR and GeoSAR Systems Scott Hensley
Above Ground Forest Biomass Estimation using Fully Polarimetric / Interferometric Radar Data Speaker: Irena Hajnsek
(for Tobias Mette)
Round Table  
Sea Ice (Parallel Session) Chair: W. Dierking/M. Drinkwater
Radar Polarimetry of Sea Ice Mark Drinkwater
Unsupervised Wishart Classifications of Sea-Ice using Entropy, Alpha and Anisotropy decompositions Alex Rodrigues
SAR Polarimetry for Sea Ice Monitoring Wolfgang Dierking
Classification strategies for fully polarimetric SAR data of sea ice Speaker: Gordon Staples
(for Bernd Scheuchl)
Round Table  
SAR Polarimetric Interferometry (Polinsar) Chair: E. Pottier/K. Papathanassiou
Tree-height retrieval using Single Baseline Polarimetric Interferometry Shane Cloude
Model Based Forest Parameter Estimation from Single Baseline Pol-in-SAR Data: the Fichtelgebirge Test Case Kostas Papathanassiou
The CORSAR project: Can polarimetric SAR interferometry improve forest biomass estimation? Clare Rowland
Using POL-INSAR at X-Band: observations Pascale Dubois-Fernandez
Polarimetric Interferometric SAR Data Analysis Based on ESPRIT/MUSIC Methods Stephane Guillaso
Round Table  
Poster Session Chair: P. Lombardo/S. Quegan
Ground surface deformation around Tehran due to groundwater recharge: InSAR monitoring. Michel Peyret
Assessment of crop discrimination using polarimetric C-band SAR data Speaker: Thuy Le Toan
(for Maria Carmen Gonzalez-Sampedro)
Fully versus Partial Polarimetry for quantitative surface parameter estimation Axel Breuer
Multifrequency SAR polarimetric noise model validation Carlos López-Martínez
Model based SAR polarimetric speckle noise filter Carlos López-Martínez
Entropy-Alpha classification alternative for polarimetric SAR image Jaan Praks
Interpretation of polarimetric radar waves transmitted through Antarctic ice shelves Speaker: Hugh Corr
(for Christopher Doake)
InSAR and POLInSAR for land subsidence monitoring - a user perspective Zbigniew Perski
Soil water assessement using a P-band Scatterometer and ERS-SAR Dan Blumberg
Soil Moisture, Crop and Vegetation Study Using AirSAR Data Flaviana Hilario
Forest canopy height mapping from dual-wavelength SAR interferometry Heiko Balzter
Modelled polarimetric backscattering response from single pine trees and pine canopies Jaan Praks
Semi-Empirical Approach and Radar Polarimetry for Vegetation Observation Dhamendra Singh
Forest monitoring by using polarimetric sar: a preliminary result Bambang Trisasongko
SAR surface ice cover discrimination using distribution matching Rashpal S. Gill
SAR Ice Classification using Fuzzy Screening Method Rashpal S. Gill
Polarimetric data of sea ice in preparation for RADARSAT-2 Speaker: Gordon Staples
(for Bernd Scheuchl)
Radar method for sea waves intensity determination using the crossed polarisation components of reflected signal Sergei Pereslegin
Oceanic Variables extracted from Along-Track Interferometric SAR data Duk-jin Kim
Measuring Surface Roughness on Base of the Circular Polarization Coherence as an Input for a Simple Inversion of the IEM Model Speaker: Christiane Schmullius
(for Christian Thiel)
The Pyla 2001 experiment: Evaluation of polarimetric radar capabilities over a forested area Monique Dechambre
STORM: A new airborne polarimetric real-aperture radar for earth observations Daničle Hauser
Polarimetric measurements over the sea-surface with the airborne STORM radar in the context of the geophysical validation of the ENVISAT ASAR Daničle Hauser
Operational Application of Envisat ASAR in tropical production forest: Mahmud Raimadoya
A Tomographic Approach to Multi-Pass SAR Imaging Rocco Pierri
ENVISAT ASAR images over Malbork agricultural area (Poland) Marek Mroz
Use of ERS-1 and Landsat TM images for geological and mineral exploration of Sol Hamid area Talaat Ramadan
On the selection of the best polarization to detect buried objects by means of POLINSAR Juan M Lopez-Sanchez
Electric Field ratio Formalism in Radar Polarimetry Teemu Tares
Polarimetric SAR interferometry for vegetable vertical structure parameters extraction Hong Zhang
Effect of Dew and Interception on the Backscattering Behaviour of Crops Tanja Riedel
Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Interferometry Data Jong-Sen Lee
Discussion on different interferometric coherence optimization methods Elise Colin
Free Poster Session
Other Applications Development Chair: K. Czuchlewski/W. Kuehbauch
Assessing Natural Disaster Impacts and Recovery Using Airborne, Multifrequency Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Polarimetry Kristina Czuchlewski
Remote Sensing - A Future Technology in Precision Farming Walter Kuehbauch
Multitemporal and/or Polarimetric SAR Characterization of Urban Areas Fabio Dell'Acqua
Improved oil slick detection and classification with polarimetric SAR Joaquim Fortuny-Guasch
Round Table
Spaceborne SAR Chair: A. Moreira/Y.-L. Desnos
RADARSAT-2 Mission Update and Applications Overview Gordon Staples
TerraSar-X Upgrade to a Fully Polarimetric Imaging Mode Alberto Moreira
COSMO-SkyMed: Mission definition and main applications and products Giovanni Rum
ENVISAR mission results update Henri Laur
L-Band SAR SAOCOM Mission and SIASGE System. Some applications Laura Frulla
Round Table  
Workshop Closing Session Chair: Y-L Desnos
Polarimetry-Interferometry Studies  
Methods - Theoretical Modelling  
Land-Agriculture Classification  
Sea Ice  
SAR Polarimetric Interferometry (Polinsar)  
Applications Development  
Spaceborne SAR  
Tour of ESRIN  


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