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Day 3, Wednesday 24 September 2008
MERIS Ocean and Coastal Zones 3Chair: J. Gower (Institute of Ocean Sciences)/Ewa J. Kwiatkowska (ESTEC TEC-EE)
8:40-9:00Performance of atmospheric correction procedures for turbid case 2 water scenes of MERISRoland Doerffer (GKSS Research Center)
9:00-9:20Cloud filling of TSM, CHL and SST remote sensing products by the Data Interpolation with Empirical Orthogonal Functions methodology (DINEOF), application to the MERIS, MODIS and SEAWIFS datasets of the BELCOLOUR-1 database.Damien Sirjacobs (University of Liège)
9:20-9:40Application of MERIS data to the identification and tracking of Harmful Algal Blooms along the West Coast of North AmericaDavid Foley (NOAA CoastWatch)
Clouds and AtmosphereChair: J. Fischer (FUB Institut fuer Weltraumwissenschaften)/G. De Leeuw (TNO)
10:20-10:40Cloud Screening AlgorithmsCarsten Brockmann (Brockmann Consult)
10:40-11:00MERIS AOD and PM10 in-situ measurements: data fusion in an operational air quality forecast modelStijn Janssen (VITO)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break  
Clouds and Atmosphere - continuationChair: J. Fischer (FUB Institut fuer Weltraumwissenschaften)/G. De Leeuw (TNO)
11:30-11:50Improved MERIS cloud detectionRene Preusker (FU Berlin)
11:50-12:10A New Climatology of Sea Surface Wind Speed Under Cloud-Free Conditions for the Estimation of the Impact of Sunglint in GMES Sentinel-3Mounir Lekouara (National Oceanography Centre (NOCS))
12:10-12:30AMARSI: Aerosol Modeling and retrieval from multi-spectral imagersGerrit de Leeuw (FMI/TNO)
12:30-12:50Cloud climatology from ATSRCaroline Poulsen (RAL)
12:50-13:10A Method for Detection and Transparency Classification of Clouds over WaterHelmut Schiller (GKSS Research Centre, Inst.f.Coastal Research)
presented by Hajo Krasemann
LakesChair: T. Pyhalahti (SYKE)/K. Sorensen (Norwegian Institute for Water Research)
14:40-15:00Observations of the largest Italian lakes from MERISClaudia Giardino (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - IREA)
15:00-15:20Improvements to physically based water constituent monitoring in Lake Constance with MERISDaniel Odermatt (University of Zurich)
15:20-15:40Application of the SCAPE-M atmospheric correction algorithm to the processing of MERIS data over continental water bodiesLuis Guanter (GeoForschungsZentrum-Potsdam)
15:40-16:00Development of MERIS Lake Water Algorithms: Validation results from EuropeAntonio Ruiz-Verdú (Centre for Hydrographic Studies - CEDEX)
16:00-16:20Performance of MERIS products in Lake VictoriaKai Sørensen (Norwegian Institute for Water Research)
16:20-16:50Coffee Break  
Lakes - continuationChair: T. Pyhalahti (SYKE)/K. Sorensen (Norwegian Institute for Water Research)
16:50-17:10Optical Classification of Lakes for Remote Sensing ApplicationsAnu Reinart (Tartu Observatory)
17:10-17:30Analysis of MERIS data for assessing the water quality in Lake Guiers (SENEGAL). Preliminary results. Seybatou Diop (Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar)


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