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Day 2, Tuesday 23 September 2008
(A)ATSR Applications 1Chair: C. Donlon (ESA/ESTEC)/P. Minnett (University of Miami)
08:40-09:00Enhancing the operational usage of SST data from AATSR through the Medspiration ServiceIan Robinson (NOC,Southampton)
09:00-09:20The (A)ATSR as a reference data set for operational SST productionCraig Donlon (Met Office/GHRSST-PO)
09:20-09:40Validation of (A)ATSR SST observations and comparison with AVHRR pathfinder SST dataAnne O'Carroll (Met Office)
09:40-10:00Global and Regional Trends In The Reprocessed (A)ATSR Sea-Surface Temperature Record.Karen Veal (University of Leicester)
10:00-10:20Producing climate data records of sea-surface temperatures from measurements from spacecraft radiometers.Peter Minnett (University of Miami)
10:20-10:40The (A)ATSR Re-analysis for Climate ProjectChristopher Merchant (University of Edinburgh)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break  
(A)ATSR Applications 2Chair: M. Caetano (Portugese Geographic Institute)/J. Moreno (University of Valencia)
11:30-11:50ATSR World Fire Atlas: can we find a trend in the longest global fire distribution series?Olivier Arino (ESA)
11:50-12:10AATSR Land Surface Temperature product: comparison with SEVIRI, MODIS and AVHRR in the framework of CEFLES2 campaigns. Guillem Soria (University of Valencia)
12:10-12:30A 12-year global gridded dataset of surface bidirectional reflectance and aerosol optical depth from ATSR-2 and AATSR measurementsSuzanne Bevan (Swansea University)
12:30-12:50Using (A)ATSR as a radiance calibration reference for NOAA satellites Jonathan Mittaz (University of Maryland)
12:50-13:10Interactive analysis of time series of (A)ATSR Top Of Atmosphere calibrated mapsStefano Natali (MEEO Srl)
Tools and ServicesChair: G. Corlett (University of Leicester)/J-P. Muller (University College London)
14:40-15:00New BEAM DevelopmentsNorman Fomferra (Brockmann Consult)
15:00-15:20SEBS module BEAMS: A Practical Tool for Surface Energy Balance Estimates from Remote Sensing Data.Lichun Wang (ITC)
15:20-15:40Real Time MosaicsLuca Mellano (CHELYS srl)
15:40-16:00Information Based Services: Support to the Analysis of MERIS DataMichele Iapaolo (ESA/ESRIN)
16:00-16:20General satellite data service provision infrastructure for processing Envisat MERIS and other sources of dataTimo Pyhalahti (Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE))
16:20-16:50Coffee Break 
Tools and Services - continuationChair: G. Corlett (University of Leicester)/J-P. Muller (University College London)
16:50-17:10New products available from the (A)ATSR ArchiveMatt Pritchard (NEODC, RAL)
17:10-17:30The Leicester AATSR Global Analyser (LAGA) - Quick-Look Analysis of Large-Scale Oeanic ProcessesDavid Llewellyn-Jones (University of Leicester)
17:30-17:50Real time analysis with the MEDSPIRATION HR-DDSDavid Poulter (National Oceanography Centre)
17:50-18:10Prediction Model of Jellyfish Blooms based on Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity and Other Water QualitiesLaura Moreno-Patricio (Starlab SL Barcelona)


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